PayFlexi Lifetime Deal

Flexible payments infrastructure for your business

Increase customer conversion and close more sales. Allow your customers to pay for products and services with customized layaway and instalment plans.


Value $900.00
PayFlexi | Powerful No-code Checkout Solution 1

Help customers make flexible payments in installments as easy as sending a text message! Quite often, it’s just too much for customers to let go of big amounts for payment in one go.  
The opportunity to split the payment into several installments can increase the number of orders & convert doubting customers. Presenting a smart, seamless, fast & flexible payments solution!

PayFlexi is a powerful no-code checkout solution that allows merchants to accept flexible
payment plans from their customers using their existing payment gateway.

With one-click checkout, PayFlexi can also be used to receive one-time payment from your customers.

PayFlexi | Powerful No-code Checkout Solution 2

It integrates with existing ecommerce solutions such as WooCommerce, Magento and more.

Easily create an online storefront, payment pages and payment links you can share with your customers to receive payments.

Succeed Like the PayFlexi Merchants! They start benefiting from day one of enabling PayFlexi.

Features of This Flexible Payments Infrastructure-

  • Payment Plans: Increase sales by offering flexible payment options. Automate instalment payment collection efforts for several weeks or months.
  • Payment Links: Get an instant payment link that works anywhere. Customers can pay via a
    payment plan for the product or service, and from the same easy link.
  • Product Pages: PayFlexi product pages are quick and easy to set up a single payment page
    with images without any coding experience.
  • Storefront: Storefront is your free, one-page website to promote your product or service.
    With Storefront, you can quickly and easily set up a one-stop website for your customers to
    learn more about your product/service and make payments.
  • Multiple payment methods: Connect your existing payment processor with PayFlexi to
    automatically start accepting payment from your store.
  • Discounts & promo codes: Manage promotions and grant discounts to your customers, for
    specific products or all products.
  • Modern, 1-click checkout: Create a seamless checkout experience on every device, screen
    size, or browser for your customers.
  • Customer Portal: Your customers can self-manage their subscriptions, update their payment methods, and view their payment history all in one place.

What Can You Acheive With This Flexible Payments Infrastructure-

  • Ecommerce- Not every customer has the cash up-front. Give your customers a way to pay over time. It’s a win-win, every time.
  • Invoicing- Give business customers greater paying power by spliting high value invoices into several instalments.
  • Travel & Tourism- Let your customers start paying for their dream vacation on a convenient payment plan terms.
  • Events- Give your attendees a way to reserve their tickets right away by offering a flexible payment plan.
  • Education- Give your students a fully-customizable flexible payment option. Get pre-orders for your online courses.
  • Bookings & Appointments- Let your customers jump the queue by securing their bookings using flexible payment plans.

5 Reasons Why PayFlexi is a Must-Have-

  1. Customizable installment plans
  2. One-off payments
  3. One-click (fast password-less) checkout
  4. Bring –  your – own payment gateway
  5. Free storefronts with payment pages

Get a lifetime deal to PayFlexi now!

Lifetime Access to PayFlexi

✔️ Multiple storefronts per merchant account
✔️ Unlimited payment pages
✔️ Unlimited transaction volume
✔️ Create as many payment links as you want
✔️ Weekly/monthly installment plans with deposit
✔️ Collect one-time payment
✔️ Plugins integration with over 20 platforms
✔️ Only 1% per transaction (normally 2%)
✔️ Featured on PayFlexi discovered marketplace

Save 94%

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