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Top PitchGround Lifetime Software Deals in 2021

PitchGround is a community-driven network that focuses on negotiating premium business tools. The great thing about PitchGround deals is that they’re stackable. So, whether you’re managing a solo business or an entire agency, PitchGround has polished up a deal that will perfectly suit your business goals and needs.

Pitchground is our new favorite lifetime deals platform. Their platform helps to bridge the gap between the Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Founders, and early adopters.

Udit Goenka founded the platform, and he is genuinely dedicated to helping startups and users.

They were founded in 2018 and already helped over 20 companies to raise over a million dollar in crowdfunding in less than eight months of operations.

Each month they come up with 1-5 best deals on SaaS tools to help you to scale your career and business.

They are very similar to AppSumo, which is another lifetime deal offering platform, but they are dedicated to providing value through their facebook group, courses, workshops, and much more.

Some of the brands they offered lifetime deals include Apploye, Publist, Personizely, The4thBlock, SEOTesterOnline, LetMailBox, Astra Security, Odus, Salesly, Emojics, Customerly, SendPilot, LetConvert, LeadKlozer, MarketPlanIO and more.

If you’re an early adopter or looking for great deals, then you must keep an eye on PitchGround since their recent deals been amazing.

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