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Remove Background from Image

No more messy photos! Enhance your brand images with a transparent background


Value $1080.00
Pixmiller | Remove Background from Image 1

Most of the time, the background of your brand image spoils the charm and deviates the purpose of your campaigns

The time and effort you put in mastering Photoshop to remove image background is enormous and the results are often dissatisfactory

How about erasing photo backgrounds with AI technology in seconds?

Pixmiller is a powerful background removal tool that produces amazing results for your images with the latest AI technology. You can even do bulk removal and change the background color of your images.

Pixmiller | Remove Background from Image 2

Pixmiller is pretty straightforward – Upload your photo for which you need to remove the background. And, that’s it!

The background is removed and the image itself is converted into a PNG

Download the background removed Full HD quality version of your image without watermark

For every image rendered, one Credit will be deducted from your account

For the normal quality output with Pixmiller watermark, you need not use your credits – No credits will be used for 650p rendering

In your dashboard, you can see your plan & how many credits are left in your account

The images uploaded can be PNG/JPEG/JPG or BMP image with a size of up to 20 MB

With Pixmiller API, you can do bulk removal of background from your images. Change the colour of the backgrounds to match your brand tone.

Usually, Pixmiller customers pay for every credit and it comes around $50 per month to avail 500 credits

Now, you can get the same 500 credits every month for just $45 one-time payment

Change your image background with a single click!

Get a lifetime deal to Pixmiller now!

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Lifetime Access to Pixmiller

✔️ 500 credits / month
✔️ Remove Background from Image in a Flash
✔️ No Watermarks
✔️ Supports PNG, JPG, JPEG & BMP files
✔️ Supports Long side images between 32 pixels and 10000 pixels
✔️ Batch Processing
✔️ API Access included
✔️ Process Images up to 20MB (each image)
✔️ 1 image = 1 Credit
✔️ PixMiller Desktop App (to Remove Image Backgrounds in Bulk)
✔️ Multiple Team Members
✔️ Stack up to 5 codes per account
✔️ 30 days refund policy

✔️ 1,200 credits / month
✔️ All above features included

✔️ 25,00 credits / month
✔️ All above features included

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