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Shorten any long URL to create branded smart links that earn you more.

Poplink is an URL shortener to boost your brand’s awareness and increase your click through rates and conversions.


Value $3,950.00
poplink lifetime deal

Poplink is an URL shortener to boost your brand’s awareness and increase your click through rates and conversions. You can use your own custom domains to shorten links (any link) and choose your own custom images to be displayed on social media. By iFraming the url, Poplink allows you to can add promotional content on top of the shortened URL. Think about overlays to collects email addresses, banner image ads or outbound buttons for visitors to click on.

Poplink Features:

Let’s know what this power-packed tool offers you:

  • Customize how your links look on social media: Entice your audience with custom link metadata including image, title, and description.
  • Put your brand on any link with a domain you own: Get a higher click-through rate by transforming long, ugly links into shorter custom links using a domain you own.
  • Add retargeting pixels and tracking metrics: Track specific actions taken on your website by embedding conversion pixels and UTMs.
  • Automatically pull in content using RSS feeds: Add in the RSS feeds of websites you know and love, then let your Poplinks create themselves.
  • Understand your audience with analytics: All Poplinks show metrics that tell you how your shared content is doing with your audiences.

Get lifetime access to Poplink now!

Starting at $59.00

✔️ Updates included
✔️ Available to new users only
✔️ Unlimited Links
✔️ 60,000 Clicks / Month
✔️ Unlimited Custom Domains (CNAME records)
✔️ Links appearance customization (title, description, picture)
✔️ Pop-ups on links: Mailchimp email collector, Images advertisements, Call-to-Action buttons
✔️ Unlimited RSS feeds
✔️ Unlimited Retargeting Pixels: Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn
✔️ UTM Builder
✔️ Auto-generated SSL Certificates for Encrypted Traffic on Custom Domains
✔️ SEO keyword custom URL slugs
✔️ Root Domain Redirects
✔️ No Poplink Branding on Pop-Ups
✔️ Knowledgebase Help Articles
✔️ Email Support

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