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Write better posts and generate more engagement using AI's proprietary algorithms recommend hashtags, caption ideas and suggestions to improve your post and boost engagement!


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Predis | Write Better Posts Using AI 1

Leverage AI in crafting more engaging Instagram posts!

Highlights –

  • Helps Social Media Marketers write better posts and generate more post engagement using AI-based improvement suggestions and theme categorization.
  • With the help of AI, you can decide better on critical aspects of Instagram posts such as time & day of posting, ideal caption length, and right hashtags to use.
  • Predict before you post.
  • Craft better captions using the AI as it gives you the caption ideas. 
  • Helps you understand what content is working for your competition.

Indeed, the Social Media – Instagram posting has become the face for all the brands and content creators. However, you need to be different yet smart while crafting each of your post. It does become overwhelming to present your brand different from others while you always have to think of something creative every time but this is where you need to actually become smart.

Did you know you can leverage the power of an AI to enhance your posts? No, right? Enhance your post engagement by optimising which hashtags to use, the best time to post, which media to use and much more. So let us share the tea with you!’s proprietary algorithms recommend hashtags, caption ideas and suggestions to improve your post and boost engagement!

Features –

1. Post Engagement Prediction – Always publish highly engaging posts.

Predis’ AI Algorithms are trained to look at each aspect of your posts starting from the content, hashtags, mentions, images, time/day of posting, and tell you how well will your posts perform. Tweak all these to get to the best version of your posts.

2. Hashtag Recommendation – Pick the best hashtags for your posts

Figuring out the right hashtags relevant to your post and audience is not easy. Predis’ algorithms explore the social media platforms for hashtags in real-time and provide you with the most popular and trending hashtags related to your post and audience. This ensures that the post will always show up in the right places.

3. Content Ideas Recommendation – Having writer’s block? Predis is all here for you

Make your posts more interesting and engaging by using Predis’ suggested phrases in your post’s content. You can also explore the recommended content snippets to see how others are talking about it. Predis’ Content Recommendation Engine will make sure that you never run out of ideas while writing posts.

4. Scheduling Time Suggestion – Always post at the most optimal time

The most optimal posting times are suggested based on the content of your post, your handle’s historical data, and your competitor’s historical data to maximize your post’s engagement. Also fine tune other attributes like number of media, the number of users tagged, etc. by using the suggested values.

5. Competitor Content Analysis – Effortlessly decode competition’s content strategy

Understand different topics your competitors are talking about and what is working for them by exploring just the content categories without the need to go through every post published by them.

Predis’ NLP algorithms understand the intent behind the posts and intelligently group posts about the same topic into one category. Additionally, word clouds in each category show you the most important words to help you figure out the theme of each category.

Predis | Write Better Posts Using AI 2

How it works?

3 easy steps to amplify your social media engagement –

  1. Link your Instagram Business handle.
  2. Once Predis’ advanced NLP algorithms have worked their magic, you can start writing better posts.
  3. Explore what content is working for your competitors and you are good to go!

The AI will also give suggestions to improve your post. The suggestions can be:

  • The Right Day and Time of day to publish the post
  • The Right number of hashtags to be used
  • The optimal length of the caption
  • You will also see different ideas to craft their copy. These are basically AI generated and will help you write different versions of your copy. 
  • You can select hashtags from the suggested hashtags list. Simply clicking on any hashtag will select it and copy it. 

Between all these steps, you can craft a nice Instagram post. Also try check what content is working for your competition by putting their handles on the manage project section and clicking on the analyze button.

Who is it for?

  • Social Media Marketers Using Instagram (Agencies/In-house/Freelancers)
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Content Creators
  • Brands and Businesses using Instagram for promoting their product/service

Combined Alternative for – and

Get a lifetime deal to Predis now!

Lifetime Access to Predis

✔️ 1 Instagram Handle
✔️ 20 Daily Prediction Runs
✔️ 60 Hashtag Suggestions
✔️ 20 Content suggestions
✔️ 1 Number of Competitor
✔️ Engagement Indicator
✔️ Best Time To Post
✔️ Ideal Caption
✔️ Filter Data By Time Range
✔️ Non-Stackable
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

✔️ 3 Instagram Handles
✔️ 60 Daily Prediction Runs
✔️ 120 Hashtag Suggestions
✔️ 60 Content suggestions
✔️ 2 Number of Competitor
✔️ All above feature included

✔️ 8 Instagram Handles
✔️ 100 Daily Prediction Runs
✔️ 120 Hashtag Suggestions
✔️ 60 Content suggestions
✔️ 5 Number of Competitor
✔️ All above feature included

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