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Skyrocket conversion rates of any landing page, with AI-based automated A/B testing

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Optimize your landing page for conversions using AI. Include JavaScript code snippet and boost your conversion rate without having to do any manual work.

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A/B testing is hard and time-consuming.

Many A/B tests will fail not because you don’t have enough visits on your page but because you chose the wrong things to test and the things you chose will not actually change in any measurable way your conversion rate.

So you might get stuck running an A/B test for months trying to achieve some statistical significance on a 0.5% conversion rate improvement.

ABtesting.ai will intelligently suggest what to change on your landing page so you can achieve a higher conversion rate and will run A/B tests to rigorously determine if there’s an improvement.

ABtesting.ai won’t get stuck trying to optimize things that don’t actually matter. The early detection system will find out early if a test has a low probability of giving you a big conversion rate improvement and will cut it out before it ends.

This Tool Is Perfect For

  • Entrepreneurs that want to quickly optimize landing pages without struggles.
  • Small and medium teams that want to do serious CRO without losing conversions while testing.
  • Agencies that care about the conversion rate of clients, and want to get the lower Cost Per Acquisition possible.

How Toyota Increased Their Conversion Rates By 18% With Automated A/B Testing

ABtesting.Ai | AI-Based Automated A/B Testing 2

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Plans & Pricing

Starter Plan
Save $1081 (94.8%)
  • Fully automated AI-Based A/B Testing Platform
  • AI-generated recommendation for Texts and Call-to-Actions
  • Automatic detection of elements to test with AI
  • Unlimited experiments
  • Unlimited variants
  • Data Analytics Dashboard
  • Email Support
  • Email Notifications
  • Multi-armed bandit testing
  • 8000 unique visitors/month
  • Generate 30 AI variations/month
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Blazing fast performance (JS snippet <1KB)
  • Integration with most website builders
  • Automatic mobile adaptation of A/B tests
  • No webpage load flickering
  • Wizard and 10-minute set up
  • All future updates included
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Professional Plan
Save $2656 (95.4%)
  • 40,000 unique visitors/month
  • Generate 100 AI variations/month
  • All Starter Plan feature included
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