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ConnectExplore is a growth hacking tool to uncover hidden, profitable and untapped Facebook interests to target with Facebook Ads.

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ConnectExplore is a growth hacking tool to uncover hidden, profitable and untapped Facebook interests to target with Facebook Ads. It is fully integrated with Facebook™’s Ad API which is only privileged to a handful of companies after passing stringent requirements.

It is fully integrated with Facebook™’s Ad API which is only privileged to a handful of companies after passing stringent requirements. If you’re a pro Facebook advertiser, you know that Facebook autosuggests interest groups to target when placing your ads. The point is that every marketer out there gets the same suggestions and this way fishes in the same pond of customers like everybody else. Eventually, this heavily influences the Facebook ads bidding system to your disadvantage, increases the cost for impressions, clicks, CTR and eats up your budget in no time.


  • User Friendly Layout / Dashboard – find and filter interests with ease
  • Powerful Interest Search Engine – finds the motivated audiences you NEVER uncover on your own
  • Once you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore suggests an additional list of highly-related suggestions to target
  • Foreign language targeting option – tap into under exploited local markets
  • Advanced Targeting – ad costs go down while performance goes up for the ultimate in ROI
  • Analyse – the best of split testing without the time, hassle or expense

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connectexplore Lifetime Deal

Plans & Pricing

Save $100 (33.7%)
  •  Integrate Facebook™ ads account
  •  Find lucrative Interests
  •  Smart Filters
  •  Search with Multiple Keywords
  •  Autosuggest feature finds you all related keywords
  •  Save Interests as projects you can build on overtime
  •  Foreign language targeting option – 43 supported languages


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ConnectExplore (and the ConnectSuite) compatible with my Mac?

All the products in the ConnectSuite (including ConnectExplore) are 100% cloud-based. There are no compatibility issues with any operating system, and nothing to download. Simply login, and get started right away.

Which languages are supported by ConnectExplore?

Currently, ConnectExplore supports 43 languages. Just a few of the major languages supported are: English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (China, Taiwan & Hong Kong dialects all supported), Portuguese and Japanese . . . along with many other Asian, European and African languages.

What makes ConnectExplore different from other targeting tools on the market?

The biggest difference is that ConnectExplore integrates fully with Facebook™’s Ad API. Only a handful of companies are extended this privilege by Facebook™ after passing stringent requirements. This means we are able to access data others can’t. It allows us to perform deeper searches than our competitors – and access in-depth analytics. In addition, it means ConnectExplore can connect directly with your ad manager. (You’ll be able to add your ConnectExplore interests to your ad manager without any cutting and pasting – saving you tons of time & effort.)

I’m skeptical about getting a free trial for ConnectSuite. Will my credit card be automatically charged?

As long as you let us know you’d like to cancel before the 30 day trial period has passed, you won’t be charged a thing. There’s no contract – cancel at any time without penalty. If we don’t hear from you, in 30 days you’ll be charged $97 per month. This is big savings over paying for the tools inside ConnectSuite individually.

What if I decide I don’t want the Suite? Will I lose access to ConnectExplore?

You’ll keep lifetime access to ConnectExplore, even if you cancel your ConnectSuite trial. The only time you would lose access to both ConnectExplore and the ConnectSuite would be in the event you ask for a refund on ConnectExplore.

If I decide I don’t want ConnectExplore, can I still keep my 30-day free access to the ConnectSuite trial?

Sorry. The trial is only for purchasers of ConnectExplore. If you refund your purchase, you will lose access to ConnectSuite.

Can I get access to ConnectExplore without the trial to ConnectSuite?

Although we highly recommend checking the free trial to ConnectSuite out (after all, the risk is on us and it won’t cost you a dime for 30 days), you do have the option to get access to JUST ConnectExplore without the trial to ConnectSuite

I’m not very technical. Will I still be able to use ConnectExplore and the tools in the Suite?

Even if you’re brand-new to Facebook™ marketing, there’s a comprehensive video training library which will walk you through setting up each and every tool inside the ConnectSuite. And if you get stuck at any point, our support desk will be happy to assist you at any time.

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