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All-in-One AI Assistant for Seamless Content Creation

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Get a robo-assistant for pro slides and posts.
No more copy-pasting or reformatting hassles!

  • Seamlessly synthesizing content from multiple sources & crafting professional slides.
  • Alternative to Tome, Gamma and Perplexity.
  • Serves as a centralized hub, extracting insights from various file formats and platforms.
  • Best for professionals who seek for content creation & research organization.

DrLambda Lifetime Deal is the game-changer in content creation, seamlessly synthesizing diverse content into professional slides and social media posts.

DrLambda streamlines workflows, ensuring precision and capture in every narrative. It’s like a gem to elevate your content creation game with simplicity and effectiveness.

Key Features

  • Versatile Slide Creation: Craft professional slides for any scenario seamlessly, achieving narrative precision through multi-source synthesis and topic-driven content generation with DrLambda.
  • Narrative Evolution: Evolve your narrative effortlessly with tools specifically designed for visionary storytelling, guiding you from inspiration to a lasting impression.
  • Academic Gem Crafting: Efficiently collate, create, and transform your studies into academic gems using DrLambda’s research capabilities.
  • Engaging Lecture Design: Illuminate minds and engage your audience with brilliant materials in every slide, script, and session through DrLambda’s tailored tools for lecture design.
  • Versatile File Format Support: DrLambda supports a variety of file formats, including PDF, Word, Slack, Dropbox, PowerPoint, Google Drive, Notion, YouTube, and TXT, ensuring flexibility in data extraction and organization.
  • Effortless Data Retrieval and Centralized Learning Hub: Retrieve data from various sources effortlessly, curate, organize, and access your insights and information in a centralized hub, facilitating continuous learning.

Use Case

  • Professional Presentation Enhancement: Elevate business presentations with DrLambda by creating visually appealing and precise professional slides, ensuring a lasting impact on clients and stakeholders.
  • Educational Content Development: Streamline the creation of educational materials for teachers and trainers by using DrLambda to curate, organize, and design engaging lecture content.
  • Efficient Research Management: Optimize the research process by leveraging DrLambda’s ability to extract insights from various sources, facilitating the organization and synthesis of research materials.
  • Social Media Content Generation: Enhance your social media presence by utilizing DrLambda for quick and effective content generation, ensuring consistent and engaging posts across platforms.
  • Academic Excellence: Support academic success by using DrLambda to collate, create, and refine study materials, transforming information into well-crafted academic gems for students and researchers.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $50 (50.5%)
  • 1k Credits/Month
  • Usage of GPT-4
  • Upload multiple files per projectA
Plan B
Save $100 (50.3%)
  • 10k Credits/Month
  • Usage of GPT-4
  • Upload multiple files per project
Plan C
Save $300 (60.1%)
  • Unlimited Credits/Month
  • Usage of GPT-4
  • Upload multiple files per project


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