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Send unlimited targeted push notifications to your customers on schedule.

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Boost Your Sales Instantly with Our Easy-to-Use Tools – Setup in Just 5 Minutes!

  • Unlimited Notifications & Pageviews
  • Campaign Autoresponders
  • Best for Digital Marketing Agencies, E-commerce Stores, and SMEs.
  • Alternative to: OneSignal, SendPulse, PushEngage.

Your customers aren’t checking your website every day looking for what’s hot in your store. Not everyone. 

You may try sending marketing emails with some success. But that’s not gonna cut it.  

Your customers are making decisions on the go. The more you engage them, the more you sell. 

Only if you could get in front of them at the right time with the right offer.

Meet Feedify

Feedify is an all-capable customer engagement tool that helps you engage your customers with targeted push notifications to sell more and retain your customers.

Start sending targeted offers to your customers straight to their devices and sell to them with unlimited push notifications. 

Within seconds, you can create a customized push message and preview it in real time. So that your brand messages look best on all devices. 

Campaigning in volumes? Save hours spent in creating and optimizing push messages. Simply pick and choose from the responsive templates.

Your customers could be browsing through your competitor’s website after a long day. 

Schedule a timely push message with a price drop offer. Pull customers to your website or app and sell more. 

Double down on the same strategy and make it a campaign for your new product launches. Turn your newly launched products a top seller in hours.

Start targeting your customers based on their geographical location or device. So you can time your campaigns for increased conversion rates. 

For example, identify the device used by the majority of your visitors and segment them by time of visit. Schedule a campaign targeting those customers based on their devices. 

Drive more and more traffic to your website and in turn, revenue.

With your Feedify account, you can add up to 5 domains. It means you can engage the customers and boost the revenue of your multiple businesses. 

Ideal if you are a serial entrepreneur or one in the making. 

Keep engaging your customers in real time and keep selling more with every ping!

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $55.01 (44%)
  • Add up to 2 Domains
Plan B
Save $150.01 (60%)
  • Add up to 5 Domains
  • Display Customer Reviews
  • Call Support


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