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No-code Form Builder for Data Collection

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All-in-one No-code Form Builder with Powerful Automated Form Analytics

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No-code form builder for data collection to get you going. Powerful Form Analytics through dashboards and charts to keep you going.

  • No Code Form Builder
    Create beautiful forms without any coding experience using FluxForms’ best-in-class form builder. Building a user-friendly form that also captures the data you need has never been easier.
  • Intuitive Response Management
    FluxForms includes intuitive features like partial responses which allows you to capture data even if the user doesn’t complete the form submission. You can also capture information like drop-off points to optimize forms.
  • Industry Leading Analytics
    FluxForms outperforms industry competitors with its powerful form analysis features like sentiment analysis, form completion time, form drop-off rates, NPS scores, and more.
  • Beautiful User-Friendly Forms
    Build beautiful, user friendly forms without the need for coders or designers. The platform also integrates form theming, branding, embedding, QR code sharing, and social previews.

FluxForms is an easy-to-use no-code form builder with powerful enterprise grade analytics. Now anyone can easily create beautiful user-friendly forms while capturing the user data necessary to make smart decisions for your business. 

FluxForm’s interface simplifies data collection, reporting, and form optimization without sacrificing user experience or brand identity. It’s time to rethink the way you use online forms and start tapping into the power of FluxForms.

Why Choose FluxForms?

FluxForms combines the simplicity of no-code platforms with the power of enterprise grade analytics that provides meaningful data you would not otherwise be able to capture. 

Solving Small Problems that Make a Huge Impact

FluxForm focuses on collecting information in a way that most form builders don’t.

For example, if you use a Google form to capture information from customers or community members you might be surprised as to how many simple “common sense” problems users encounter when trying to build and share a form. 

A common problem users encounter when trying to share Google forms is simply being able to share the form publicly without giving others the ability to edit your form.

You’d be surprised as to how many help docs, forum questions, and blog posts are on the web just about sharing forms. In contrast, FluxForms simple publish and sharing features make it easy to create and distribute a form in just a few minutes.

No more over complicated setup issues. Instead focus on getting the questions you need answered from your end users.  

Dashboard & Data Visualization

While Google forms and other popular form builders allow you to create forms and collect responses Most tools will not automatically analyze responses, capture form specific metrics, or visualize response data. 

Instead, you’ll have to integrate another tool or become a spreadsheet wizard to visualize data. In contrast, FluxForms provides built-in form analytics. The platform also includes key indicators not available on other platforms.

FluxForms vs Google Forms

It’s easy to resort to form builders like Google Forms. However, relying on Google alone does not give you the same analytical power and response management. Below are some of the features FluxForms incorporates that Google forms do not. 

  • Charts for Analytics
  • Form Dashboard
  • Partial Responses
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Time to Fill
  • Form Analytics
  • Form Drop-Off
  • NPS Score
  • Form Stats

FluxForms vs Typeform & JotForm

FluxForm’s powerful analytics and data visualization makes it a standout form builder even against industry leaders like TypeForm and JotForm. Here are a few features FluxForms includes that these other industry leaders do not. 

  • Charts for Analytics
  • Form Dashboard
  • Partial Responses
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Time to Fill

It’s easy to see the FluxForms powerful analytics makes it a valuable forms tool for your business.

Plans & Pricing

Small Business Plan
Save $48 (49.5%)
  • All features above included
  •  1,000 Responses / month
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Large Business Plan
Save $100 (50.3%)
  • All features above included
  •  5,000 Responses / month
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Unlimited Plan
Save $170 (56.9%)
  • All features above included
  •  Unlimited Responses / month
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