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Automate your market research, discover ideal customer profiles, channels, and content opportunities to make your business GROW

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“You are spending too much time and money on guesswork and experimentation to find out who your best customer is”

The analytics & reports are probably not helping you much either.

What if you have a solution that tells you exactly what to do next to make your business grow?

Growth Channel generates personalized marketing plans for your business with customer profile segmentation, funnel simulation and data-driven growth strategies to help you achieve a higher ROI.

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Every magic requires some preparation. With GrowthChannel, it begins with clicking “Generate Growth Plan”, which starts with a short questionnaire to better understand your business.

Details like your marketing priorities, link to your landing page, the industry you belong to, your monthly marketing budget, demographic profile of your target audience, etc., would suffice.

The tool will then identify the precise growth opportunities to help you scale your business. For B2B segments, GrowthChannel connects with Linkedin, and for B2C it connects with Facebook data to identify who is really your ideal customer profile

It then segments the audience and gets you the content opportunities and channels for success.

Providing more data about your competitors, competitive advantages, marketing KPIs, funnel, etc. would help the A.I to devise a better plan for you.

But no worries if you haven’t figured out some of them yet. The A.I just wants to understand the KPIs you’re trying to achieve with the campaigns. Once you submit your form, Growthchannel tool generates personalized growth marketing tactics exclusively for you at the end of the questionnaire

You can access the same under “Tactics”, which details various activities you need to perform to improve your customer journy. 

Plus, you’ll also have the recommendations for different tools that can help you execute your marketing plan

With the personas module, you can identify your ideal customer profiles.  You can create a new persona from scratch using one of the pre-populated templates.

Or create an instant persona using the Google analytics data in a few seconds.

It’s time to generate the content that matches with your ideal customer profile. Once you identify the channels and target audience, you can explore your personalised content opportunities

Growth Channel will brief you of your content opportunities. You can customize your briefing, select the ad format and the AI will get you a few content suggestions which you can easily copy, bookmark or flag (if it doesn’t match your ideas)

With Growth Channel, you can also do competitor analytics for different marketing plans that you’ve generated. You can swap between each of your competitors and really understand the granularity of their top performing organic keywords, paid keywords, top pages, landing pages, media publishers, referring domains, backlinks, etc.

Growth Channel connects with SEMrush to provide all of these data from trustworthy sources.

Plus, you will also receive weekly notifications about what’s working, what’s not and the best optimization opportunities to help you grow your business.

Usually, every Growth Channel customer pays around $900 every year to avail its Startup plan.

Now, you can get the same plan with more goodies and AI Content Writer for 1 website on a lifetime deal for just $59

Get the 3rd tiers to unlock Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Users with Whitelabel access.

Stop Guessing and Start Seeing results Today!

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Plans & Pricing

Tier 1
Save $1194 (95.3%)
  • 1 Website
  • Competitor Analysis (Limited)
  • Team Collaboration (Limited)
  • Unlimited Competitor Analysis
  • Unlimited Buyer Personas
  • Unlimited Website Audits
  • Unlimited Market Analysis
  • Growth Hacking Methodology
  • 230+ Marketing Tactics
  • Personalised Growth Tactics
  • Access to the Full Growth Library
  • Access to the (Marketing Resources Library)
  • Persona Builder (from scratch, using 16 templates, & from Google Analytics data)
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Access to a Private Growth Community
  • Monthly Personalized Growth Marketing Tactics
  • AI-generated marketing plans as add-ons
  • 30 days refund policy
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Tier 2
Save $2187 (92.8%)
  • 10 Website
  • Competitor Analysis (Limited)
  • Team Collaboration (Limited)
  •  All tier 1 features included
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Tier 3
Save $4203 (92.7%)
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Competitor Analysis
  • UnlimitedTeam Collaboration
  • 1 Consultancy Call
  • White Label
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