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Anti-detect browser: no more bans and restrictions

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Streamline creation, management, and security of multiple browser profiles with ease.

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Choose online fingerprint protection and manage your social media and e-commerce accounts more efficiently. Set up multiple browser accounts and decide your own digital fingerprint details like geolocation.

  • Manage Multiple Browser Profiles
  • Selenium and Puppeteer Integration
  • Fingerprint Generator
  • Cookies Management

We’ve all experienced it: 

  • Unnecessary ad account bans
  • Logging out and Login into various 
  • Shut down of eCommerce stores by the marketplaces
  • Stressful days managing multiple social media accounts

Meet Incogniton

It helps you to create anti-detect browser profiles within minutes so you can scale your eCommerce stores, social accounts, ad campaigns and affiliate commissions while remaining anonymous.

Manage Multiple Browser Profiles

Access multiple unique internet browsers from one application with a structured overview.

Selenium and Puppeteer Integration

Automate browser operations using Selenium or Puppeteer to save time. This can be as simple as a simple button click to complex automated login and registration systems.

Fingerprint Generator

Don’t worry about creating a new digital fingerprint, Incogniton has you covered

Cookies Management

Incogniton helps you import/export and manage your cookies, all from one app helping you generate browser history using cookie collector.

Bulk Create Profiles

Bulk creator makes it possible for you to create multiple browser profiles in just a few clicks


Incogniton bridges the gap between endless online restrictions and potential opportunities to scale your campaigns, accounts and eCommerce stores to new heights.

‘Your Ad Account has been disabled’

‘Your Store has been flagged and is under review’

‘Your Instagram Account has been deleted’

How many times do you shake up just seeing these messages on your screen on a daily basis?

And then spending a lot of time, money and effort to revive those accounts or stores while your competitors race ahead of you.

Never suffer through that again.

Whether you’re:

  • Running Paid Ads
  • Managing Social Media Accounts for your clients
  • Scaling Affiliate Offers
  • Running your profitable eCommerce business
  • Running Traffic Arbitration

Incogniton ensures you browse through web at the same time maintain anonymity and avoid getting banned or restricted.

Why Choose Incogniton?
  1. Easy to use with great UX – Incogniton is easy to use and gets the job done without complicating the whole process. Just download, create your browser profiles and start browsing securely.
  2. Ability to import bulk profiles and proxies –  Incogniton has the best profil management system compared to it’s competitors. It can imp
  3. Testimony from existing users- Users like Fransico and Alex, share their experience with Incogniton and why they are impressed.
  4. Native Integrations- Incogniton has native integrations with certain proxy providers in-built the application making it the only one in the industry to have in their arsenal.
  5. One of the best in the Industry – Incogniton already has a user base of 400K Individuals making it one of the best in the industry. Such high quality products come on a lifetime deal once in a blue moon!
Incognition Use Cases?

For Advertisers – Running ad accounts across Meta, Google and TikTok with high spends? Use Incogniton to scale without attracting unnecessary bans and restrictions while spending high dollars.

For Digital Agency Owners – Manage multiple social media and ad accounts for your clients securely. Share profiles among team members for better coordination.

For eCommerce Stores and Drop-shippers – Want to run multiple storefronts at the same time on different marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Alibaba? With Incogniton, you can run multiple accounts and still operate within the confines of the marketplace’s rules.

For Affiliate Marketers- Running various affiliate offers on Google and Facebook without getting your profiles/accounts banned is still a dream for many affiliate marketers. Incogniton enables you to run your offers and acquire customers while maintaining anonymity.

For Social Media Marketers & Agencies – As Social Media Marketers, it is a pain to login and logout of multiple accounts and managing all at once without getting shadow banned by those platforms. Use Incogniton to operate hundreds of social accounts for you and your clients.

For Traffic Arbitrage – If you are running various niche sites and buying traffic through arbitrage, it is important to have multiple ad accounts sending traffic to your publishing site for you to make profits, Incogniton helps you fuflill that so you never have to face shortage of ad accounts to send traffic.

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Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $300 (75.2%)
  • Selenium / Puppeteer Integration
  • Transfer Profiles between Users
  • Use Browser Extensions with your Profiles
  • Premium Support
  • API Access
  • 25 Browser Profiles
  • 1 User
Plan B
Save $800 (80.1%)
  • Selenium / Puppeteer Integration
  • Transfer Profiles between Users
  • Use Browser Extensions with your Profiles
  • Premium Support
  • API Access
  • 100 Browser Profiles
  •  3 Users
Plan C
Save $1600 (80%)
  • Selenium / Puppeteer Integration
  • Transfer Profiles between Users
  • Use Browser Extensions with your Profiles
  • Premium Support
  • API Access
  • 250 Browser Profiles
  • 10 Users


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incogniton only for Windows or I can even download it on my Mac?

Incogniton is compatible with the latest versions of both Mac and Windows

To use Incogniton through Proxies, where can I get a list of best proxy providers?

Incogniton has partnered with various companies offering proxies. Here is a list of those trusted partners. You can buy your proxies from here and use them while you create your profiles inside Incogniton