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Facebook interest targeting tool reveals 1000's of hidden Facebook interests

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InterestExplorer is a facebook interest targeting software that has been instrumental in helping many marketers grow their business by reaching out to new audiences with targeted ads on Facebook.

  • Enjoy an unfair advantage
  • Explore related hidden interests for any niche
  • Cherrypick the best interest suggestions to target
  • Save hours on targeting research

Still, struggling to target the perfect audience for your products? It’s no secret that having a great product alone isn’t enough, you need to put in front of the right people. Most of the marketers are targeting the exact same audiences. What is that?

If you’ve noticed (or maybe you haven’t), Facebook only gives around 25 interest suggestions in your ads manager. That means 99% of advertisers end up targeting the same people. but it’s a little known secret that Facebook’s marketing API will give you hundreds of suggestions, most of which nobody knows about.

This means less competition, lower ad cost, and more importantly better ROAS! meet InterestExplorer is a smart application to discover interests that you can target on Facebook, while your competitors don’t even know they exist.

InterestExplorer is a facebook interest targeting tool that helps you to find new interests and niche markets to target. This tool is great for marketers who want to get a better understanding of their audience and find new ways to reach them.

If your product or service is niche specific, it isn’t worth it to promote it to a general audience on Facebook. InterestExplorer can help you to find the right audiences that are interested in your product, so you can focus your advertising efforts on people that are actually going to buy your product.

With this facebook interest targeting tool, you can set specific facebook ad campaigns so you spend your money wisely on people that are actually going to buy your product. If you’re looking for new ways to target your facebook ads, InterestExplorer can help you find the right audience!

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Save $50 (34%)
  • Unlimited lifetime InterestExplorer account
  • One-time payment (no recurring fees ever!)
  • “Interest Targeting Intensive” masterclass
  • Best-in-class customer support
Save $441 (75%)
  • Create 10 additional InterestExplorer accounts for your team, VA’s or clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my purchase include future software updates?

Yes, whenever Facebook makes changes or updates to their data we’ll update our software. We also add new features or make improvements to existing features based on user feedback. Updates are always included and free.

Which languages does InterestExplorer support?

InterestExplorer supports all 43 languages that Facebook supports in their API. The default language is English, because most interests are available in English. Select any of the other Asian, European of African languages to find hidden local interests.

What differentiates InterestExplorer from alternative targeting tools?

Most tools don’t have access to the same Facebook API, because developers need to get explicit approval from Facebook to use it. Also some other tools store interest data, which means interests might not be available anymore for targeting. InterestExplorer presents more interests for the same searches and always checks if interests are available right now. It’s without a doubt the best solution out there, we’ve tried them all.

What if I don't get results from InterestExplorer, is there a guarantee?

Absolutely. We offer a 30 day “no questions asked” money back guarantee.

Do I have to connect my Facebook account to InterestExplorer?

To use our search tool that uncovers hidden interests, you don’t have to connect your Facebook account.

Can using InterestExplorer get me in trouble with Facebook?

No, absolutely not. We’ve built InterestExplorer in accordance with Facebook’s terms of service and use just their official API’s. Facebook developers that want to publish apps using this functionality, need to pass Facebook’s strict app approval process which includes a manual review by one of Facebook’s employees. InterestExplorer passed this process and is fully approved by Facebook.

Does InterestExplorer work on both Mac and PC?

InterestExplorer is a cloud-based software that you can access from any device. There are no device-specific requirements to use this software.

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