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All-in-one user-generated content (UGC) content management platform for brands and agencies.

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The easiest way to get UGC content at a price every brand can afford. Create your own UGC campaigns or have us manage the process for you.

  • All-in-one UGC Creator Platform
  • Reward-based Campaigns
  • Gifted Campaigns
  • UGC Marketplace (Paid Videos)
  • 4,000 Vetted Creators

Introducing Izyu

Izyu is the only creator platform that has gifted collaborations, reward-based campaigns, and on-demand paid UGC creator marketplace. 

Do you know buyers prefer seeing real people in ads and not celebrities? Boost your marketing efforts with user-generated content.

Izyu equips you with the platform to manage both the creators and the content.

Designed for small brands, IZYU delivers many benefits:

  • Drive your eCommerce store’s narrative with customer videos.
  • Increase your advertising ROAS with creative UGC.
  • Help your digital agency and clients stand out.
  • Amplify your local business social presence.
  • Save thousands on expensive agencies or do it yourself
  • Boost awareness and build trust in your brand
  • Get content on a continuous basis for ads or social media profiles

IZYU connects brands to creators to produce amazing UGC content that drives sales!

Why Choose Izyu?

  1. Flexible Campaign Types: Reward your customers with additional discounts or Amazon Gift Cards, or send your product to creators for UGC creation. IZYU enables it all.
  2. Quick Process: In just 3 steps, you can have your UGC content live.
  3. User Testimonial: Hear from satisfied users like Greg and Alexander why they love IZYU.
  4. Vast Creator Network: Leverage our vast network of 4000+ creators waiting to rock your brand online.
  5. Smooth Communication: Easily interact with your creators within IZYU for quick revision and approvals.

Izyu Use Cases

  • For eCommerce Stores and Dropshippers: Let IZYU help amplify your customers’ voices about your majestic products.
  • For Digital Agency Owners: If your clients have amazing products, our 4000+ creators are ready to review.
  • For Advertisers: Combat rising ad costs and ad fatigue with proven UGC content to increase ROAS and sales.
  • For Affiliate Marketers: Problem selling affiliate offers due to lack of trust? Let UGC content be your remedy.
  • For Local Businesses with Online Stores: Why wait to send your products to creators for review, and reward existing customers to create content around your brand?
  • For Social Media Marketers: Get ahead of the game by posting UGC content on Instagram and Facebook.

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Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $529 (90%)
  •  All features above included
  •  20 Video Submissions / month
  •  1 Workspace
  •  1 User
Plan B
Save $1047 (89%)
  • All features above included
  •  100 Video Submissions / month
  •  5 Workspaces
  •  5 User
Plan C
Save $2103 (89.4%)
  •  All features above included
  •  Unlimited Video Submissions / month
  •  20 Workspaces
  •  20 User


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Frequently Asked Questions

Does IZYU offer content rights?

Yes. With IZYU, you’ve ensured 100% licensing & distribution rights for any content created on the platform which you can use freely on social media and ads.

Can I request a specific type of video?

Your content brief can outline the type of video you want. For example, unboxing, testimonials, product hauls, and TikTok trend-specific videos are quite common.

How does IZYU compare to other platforms like Billo and Insense?

IZYU serves as an alternative to platforms such as Billo, Trend.io, Insense, and Social Cat. IZYU is the only platform that is not only a marketplace but also allows gifted campaigns and reward-based campaigns.

What is the video resolution of content from creators?

When you download a video from IZYU, the highest possible resolution is 1080P HD. However, the actual video quality could be lower, depending on the recording capabilities of the creator’s device. This generally isn’t a concern, as the concept of IZYU revolves around genuine, authentic content—sometimes, this authenticity can come through better in lower-quality, more ‘real’ video formats.