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Kua.ai reduces manual effort and enables automation, streamlining e-commerce .

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Produce on-brand, search-optimized e-Commerce content across every channel 10x faster, increasing traffic, conversion rates and sales.

  • Create Distinctive Content with Your Unique Brand Style
  • AI Image Creation craft Stunning Product Images Even for Beginners
  • AI Assistant Built for Ecommerce

Meet Kua.ai

Kua.ai is an E-commerce AI Content Generator Tool tailored for e-commerce, designed to help online store owners and marketers effortlessly generate factual, on-brand, and SEO-optimized content.

 It streamlines content production for platforms like- 

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress 
  • Amazon
  • eBay

Kua.ai reduces manual effort and enables automation, streamlining e-commerce content creation for faster, more efficient results.

Features of Kua.ai

200+ Templates:
  • Kua.ai provides 200+ AI templates, including Amazon, website, SEO, Social, Email marketing, etc. – comprehensive enough to cover every use case in your e-commerce business.
AI Workflow:
  • The AI workflow functions allow for extensive information processing and adherence to complex instructions. That makes it possible to generate more extended and complex content.
Access to eCommerce Data:
  • You can access Google trend data in both the templates and apps you built. This ensures you make the right decisions on data instead of AI hallucination. 
AI Chat:
  • Engage in conversations with AI, offering an experience consistent with ChatGPT. The AI Chat has web access (via Google Search) and thus can provide up-to-date and fact-based dialogue.
Amazon Listing Builder/Optimizer:
  • Create premium Amazon Listings that are both SEO-optimized and captivating. The tool ensures your products stand out with effective search optimization and engaging content. 
SEO Content Wizard:
  • Easily create original blogs that are SEO-friendly. The wizard guides you in crafting content that drives organic traffic to your websites, simplifying the process of content creation.
  • Add your Brand Voice, product information, and more to the Infobase. Then, reference these elements when using AI applications to ensure the AI-generated results align more closely with your brand’s unique needs.
  • You can seamlessly plan and publish your content with Shopify/ Amazon/ WordPress/ Facebook Integration with Kua.ai’s tools as the tool integrates with these platforms.
Custom AI App:
  • Design your own AI application with Kua.ai. The platform offers the flexibility and tools to create AI solutions tailored to your requirements.

Target Audience:

  • Online store owners, such as Shopify store owners, and drop shippers
  • Third-party sellers of an e-commerce platform, e.g. Amazon sellers, eBay sellers
  • Marketing employees of the above businesses

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $179 (78.5%)
  • Up to 1500 AI generations with Apps/ dialogues with AI Chat
  • GPT-3.5 / GPT-4
  • 300 AI images per month
  • Build unlimited custom apps
  • Access to Google data
  • Infobase
  • User seats: 2
  • History is kept for 1 year
  • 300MB storage


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