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An All-In-One Tool For Managing And Organizing Your WhatsApp Account!

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Lemapp helps you ditch the hefty CRMs and establishes communication workflows in seconds within Whatsapp.

  • Lemapp is a WhatsApp management tool for businesses and individuals that helps to organize WhatsApp messages, chats, contacts, and media. It also offers collaborative features like scheduling events, chat sharing, and follow-up reminders – a great way to maximize productivity in a secure and sophisticated platform.
  • Similar to: Cooby, Keap, Copper, Nutshell
  • Intuitive UI and UX, easy-to-use platform, very stable.
  • Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, and Agencies who want to manage their WhatsApp accounts efficiently.

Organize And Manage Your Whatsapp Accounts With Powerful Features.

Organize Your Inbox with Customized Tabs for Better Productivity!

Managing WhatsApp conversations is never easy. With so many messages, contacts, and media to keep track of, it can be hard to stay organized and keep track of the conversations you need to follow up on.

Using a manual process or hefty CRMs can be time-consuming to manage your Whatsapp accounts. It can be hard to organize and keep track of your conversations and tasks efficiently, and it can take longer than it should to respond to your customers’ queries.

You need an intuitive, easy-to-use, secure tool to boost productivity and help you stay on top of your Whatsapp accounts.


Lemapp is an all-in-one tool for managing and organizing your WhatsApp account. With this tool, you get to organize your inbox with custom tabs, schedule events in a few clicks, share conversations so that you can keep track of messages, contacts, and media, set follow-up reminders, and so much more.

Perfect for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want complete control and boost productivity.

Say goodbye to lengthy CRM set-ups and manual processes, and say hello to managing your Whatsapp accounts like a pro. With Lemapp, you have the perfect tool to streamline your communication processes and save time.

Critical Stats: 

  • 90% of users prefer to contact businesses on Whatsapp over other platforms. (Source: marketinsidergroup.com)
  • Using a messaging automation tool can reduce WhatsApp response time by 83%. (Source: postco.in)
  • WhatsApp has over 2 billion monthly active users across 180 countries. (Source: whatech.com)


Start streamlining your WhatsApp workflow:

Lemapp helps you ditch the hefty CRMs and establishes communication workflows in seconds within Whatsapp.

With this tool, you can organize your inbox with custom tabs, schedule events in a few clicks, share conversations, set follow-up reminders, and more.

Get further insights on the progress your team makes:

Using Lemapp’s features, you can gain visibility on your team’s WhatsApp sales contacts and customer chat history so you don’t miss out on valuable insights.

Send Bulk Message:

Lemapp allows you to send a single message to multiple contacts at once. With bulk messaging, you can save time and effort by sending a message to all your friends, family, or colleagues in one go. It’s perfect for sending invitations, event reminders, or even a simple greeting.

You can customize your message by adding personalized information such as the recipient’s name, location, or other details. This way, your message feels more personal and less like a generic mass message.

Start a Chat:

Start a chat on Lemapp without needing to save their contacts. With the “Send Message” feature, you can message anyone on WhatsApp.

This feature is perfect for sending a quick message to someone you may have just met or reaching out to a business or organization without needing to add them to your contacts first. Plus, it’s super easy to use and saves the hassle of adding a new contact for every person you want to chat with.


With the “Snooze” feature on Lemapp, you can pause a particular message until you want to reply to it.

Once you’ve snoozed a message, it will disappear from your chat until the snooze timer expires. You can even snooze multiple messages at once, so you can focus on the messages that are most important to you at any given time.

Tabs for custom Whatsapp inbox:

With the “Tabs” feature, you can create a custom inbox and organize your chats in a way that works best for you.

Once you’ve created your custom inbox, you can switch between tabs to quickly access the chats you want to see. You can even customize the color of each tab for easier navigation.

Set Reminder:

With the “Create a Reminder” feature on Lemapp, you can set a reminder and receive a notification right in your web app when it’s time to follow up.

You’ll receive a notification in your WhatsApp web app when the reminder comes around. You won’t have to worry about setting a separate alarm or reminder; everything is built into the app.

Share your conversation:

You can easily share a specific part of the conversation with anyone. Instead of copying and pasting messages into another chat, you can share the relevant part of the conversation with a click of a button.


You can take notes of important things within your WhatsApp chats and never forget important information again.

Some Interesting Use Cases:

1. Individuals: Use Lemapp to manage & organize your inbox communications under one place and prioritize the important messages. Take down important notes in one place to avoid missing any information.

2. Small Teams: Use Lemapp to manage your and your team’s conversations. Organize & find chats quickly and schedule messages prior so the team doesn’t miss any important message updates and do much more.

Why are businesses choosing Lemapp over the rest:

  • Send bulk messages.
  • Snooze chats.
  • Organize Whatsapp into inboxes (read, unread, etc.), 
  • Set reminders.
  • Set custom tabs based on the priority of the conversation.
  • Automate everything from the minute a user signs up.
  • Hubspot, Google Sheets & Downloadable CSV
  • Simple setup and ease of use.
  • Available on a lifetime deal for a limited period.

Streamline and automate your conversations with customized inbox tabs and scheduled messages using Lemapp.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $21 (35%)
  • 1 User
  • Default System Tabs
  • Custom Tabs
  • Create Reminder
  • Create Event
  • Share Conversation
  • Notes
  • Hubspot, Google Sheets & Downloadable CSV
  • All Features and updates to Lemapp Personal plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Plan B
Save $989 (92.6%)
  • 1 User
  • Default System Tabs
  • Custom Tabs
  • Create Reminder
  • Create Event
  • Share Conversation
  • Notes
  • Snooze
  • Send Bulk Message
  • Start a Chat
  • Schedule a Message
  • Hubspot, Google Sheets & Downloadable CSV
  • All Features and updates to Lemapp Pro plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lemapp?

LemApp is an extension you can download onto your device that helps simplify, organise, and modernise your work with Whatsapp and Telegram. This tool enables you to see what’s going on with your sales teams and boost their inbox productivity significantly.

Why choose Lemapp?

LemApp is an excellent extension tool that simplifies the way you work on Whatsapp and Telegram. It classifies your messages automatically and splits them into separate tabs for added organisation. The extension also provides visibility for companies. We want to make the experience with LemApp as easy as possible, and, as such, this extension tool requires zero set-up time! It is also customisable to your liking. For example, if you want to add, remove or rename tabs, you can definitely do that too!

How can I pay for my subscription?

As of now, our system supports subscription purchases made with debit or credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, etc. As soon as other modes of payment are added, we’ll let you know!

Do I need to register to have an account on LemApp?

Yes, you do. You need to create an account with your email to enjoy the benefits of LemApp fully.

How does LemApp work?

All you have to do is download the app as an extension and enable it. It will automatically be integrated into your desktop WhatsApp. Once done, you will receive short instructions on navigating the app, and from there, you will be good to go.

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