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ManyContacts is the WhatsApp CRM tool for SMBs and freelancers.

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Connect your WhatsApp Business (or API) to ManyContacts to shared your Inbox with your team, respond and organize all your chats in the same interface.

  • ManyContacts gives you the power you need to manage your customer service, sales, and support conversations in one place.
  • With ManyContacts, you can connect your WhatsApp Business account (or API) to share your inbox with your team, quickly respond to messages, and organize all your chats in one centralized interface.
  • Share your inbox with your team, allowing you to respond and organize chats in the same interface.
  • Integrations: Whatsapp, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce.

Are you overwhelmed by managing hundreds of customer support and sales conversations? ManyContacts is the perfect solution to this problem, allowing you to easily manage conversations on WhatsApp from one place. With ManyContacts, you can easily connect your WhatsApp Business or API to the platform, creating a shared inbox with your team and organizing all of your chats in one place. Enjoy top-notch sales and customer support while becoming more efficient and productive.

Give your WhatsApp superpowers with ManyContacts today!

Give Superpowers To Your WhatsApp With The WhatsApp CRM

  • Enjoy an unlimited number of contacts and conversations.
  • You’ll never forget to follow up with a lead again thanks to our reminders function.
  • Organize your conversations from the newly added sales funnel view.
  • Leverage chatbots to automatically respond to your customers.
  • Quick responses allow you to quit typing the same responses over and over, allowing you to do more in less time.
  • Tag conversations in order to categorize them and make them easier to locate in the future.
  • You’ll never miss a chat again thanks to powerful search features!

Enjoy Top-Notch Sales And Customer Support With Multi-Agent

  • All of your staff may collaborate in real-time, allowing everyone to focus more on your consumers.
  • Create teams so that you may allocate a chat to an agent or team to help you solve a problem.
  • Internal notes enable you and your team members to keep organized and ensure that nothing is overlooked in notations.
  • Automatic conversation assignment makes defining roles and tasks a breeze.

Get More Contacts

ManyContacts is a powerful platform that helps you grow your business by expanding your contacts. With the WhatsApp Widget for your website, you can easily manage conversations with your customers, while the WhatsApp link generator allows you to create unique links that you can share with potential customers. These powerful features help you maximize your reach and get more contacts.

ManyContacts can be connected with more popular tools and products such as Google Sheets to help you keep organized and better manage your organization’s responsibilities and operations.

ManyContacts has integrations by default.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $239 (83%)
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited conversations
  • 2 agents
  • Connect your WhatsApp Business
  • Organize your chats with tags, reminders, and notes
  • Sort your chats in categories/teams
  • Collaborate on your WhatsApp account with multiple users
  • Automatic assignment
  • Send new WhatsApp message to new contacts in a glitch
  • Use template for quick answers
  • Custom fields
  • Internal chat
  • ManyContacts API & Zapier for integrations
  • Link generator
  • Chatbot
  • Schedule sending WhatsApp messages
  • Calendar and WhatsApp reminders


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