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pCloud is a cloud storage tool where you can store all your files or images in one place. It lets you upload your data securely.

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pCloud serves as both an excellent backup and work sharing tool. You can use it on any digital device and secure your files to the max with manual encryption. pCloud is an online storage solution that people can use to ensure that their photos, documents, and other important data is not at risk of being lost if their hard drive goes corrupt or they lose their device to theft, loss, or breakage.

pCloud Features:

The main feature of pCloud is the ability to store your files in a remote location so you can avoid losing them to hard drive malfunctions and sync and share them across devices.

One of those, pCloud Drive, improves the standard sync model. It allows you to access and work with your online files as though they were on your computer. It basically works like a network drive, showing the files you’ve uploaded to pCloud without taking space on your hard drive. The disadvantage of that approach is that you need to be online to access your files.

  • Sync and backup files from popular third-party cloud storage providers (Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive, Google Drive)
  • Preview documents on the cloud drive
  • Built-in video player for previewing videos directly from storage
  • Built-in audio player with playlists for listening to music directly from your storage
  • Unlimited file size for uploads
  • No upload or download connection speed limitations on any plans (including free users)
  • Shared folders for remote access to files
  • Fair share feature (shared folders use storage only from the sharer’s account)
  • Share upload links via a URL so that friends and contacts can upload files to your account
  • 30-day trash history and file versioning for accessing older versions of files that are accidentally updated
  • Customizable links (customize the title, image, headline, and description)

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Plans & Pricing

Premium 500 GB
Save $378 (75.6%)
  • Fair share
  • Updates included
  • No file size limit
  • 500GB storage
  • 500GB download link traffic
Premium Plus 2 TB
Save $878 (78.2%)
  • Fair share
  • Updates included
  • No file size limit
  • 2TB storage
  • 2TB download link traffic
  • ownload link branding
  • 30 days trash history


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