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All we need is love and a monitoring platform.

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Robotalp‘s complete uptime monitoring solution to be the first to hear about downtime and other issues.

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Make your life easier and find comfort with Robotalp’s all-in-one uptime monitoring solution.

  • Access a full monitoring solution for page speed, uptime, and more.
  • Monitor site uptime every minute from 20 various locations around the globe.
  • Robotalp also offers a variety of other monitoring tools including Keyword, API, Port, SSL, Ping, Domain, DNS, and Safebrowsing. With the status page feature, you can create an elegant status page without having to spend thousands of dollars.
  • Thousands of teams in 80+ countries around the world use Robotalp!
  • Integrations: Discord, Pabbly Connect, Slack, Telegram, Webhooks, Zapier, Microsoft Teams, Pushover.
  • Want SMS notifications? Connect your Twilio account with Robotalp. Need help? Shoot an email to our support team.

Introducing Robotalp

The ultimate solution for all your online service monitoring needs.

With advanced built-in uptime monitoring, Robotalp ensures that you are always aware of any downtime or issues with your online services.

But that’s not all, Robotalp also offers a variety of other monitoring tools including Uptime, Keyword, Pagespeed, API, Port, SSL, Ping, Domain, DNS, and Safebrowsing.

That’s still not all. With the status page feature, you can create an elegant status page without having to spend thousands of dollars (status page is a digital dashboard that provides information about the current status of your online world).

With Robotalp, you can streamline your monitoring process and have peace of mind knowing that your online services are running smoothly.

Upgrade to Robotalp and make your life easier today!

Meet Your Digital Superhero

The Ponemon Institute found that even for small organizations, every minute of downtime results in considerable revenue losses ranging from $137 to $427.
It’s like experiencing your hard-earned money go faster than the final piece of pizza on the group’s shared plate.

Looking for a digital superhero? We got your back. Robotalp keeps a watch on your websites and services 24/7 to ensure everything is fine.

Fantastic Features


  •  Organizations and Teams & Teams: Organize your monitors, status pages, and coworkers into various groups based on their timezone. Add team members to your organization to encourage collaboration. Includes comprehensive role-based access control.
  • Timeless UI: Meet the website monitoring tool with the most up-to-date user interface.


  • Robotalp’s global network has 20 distinct monitoring servers that can check your services every 1 minute, 365 days a year, from all over the world.


  • Uptime Monitoring – Our robots continuously check your webpages and notify you when a mistake is identified. This monitoring also collects data and generates statistics on website availability and response times.The report’s information can assist you in improving your clients’ user experience by identifying slowness scenarios.
  • Server Monitoring – Our robots periodically send ping requests to your servers to check they are operational. Keep an eye on your servers and receive notifications if the usage becomes dangerously high.
  • Keyword Monitoring – make sure to identify keywords to ensure that the necessary information is included on your website.
  • SSL Monitoring – avoid losing valuable visitors due to expired SSL certificates. Receive a notification before it expires so you have time to act.
  • Pagespeed Insights Monitoring – if your website’s PageSpeed scores are low, competitors will be able to draw in customers by loading their pages faster. Furthermore, sluggish page load speed has a huge impact on SEO, resulting in a big reduction in ranking. Keep track of your PageSpeed scores and get notifications when they go below a certain level.
  • DNS Monitoring: It’s not good if your domain’s nameservers are changed without your knowledge. Receive notifications when the nameservers for your domains are about to change.

Status Page

  • Status pages increase client trust by delivering real-time information. Create an attractive status page in 10 seconds and without spending a dime!


  • Multiple notification channels are available to keep you and your team in touch at all times. You may use our webhooks to integrate with your existing alert system.

Mobile Apps

  • Access key Robotalp features from outside the platform.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $711 (90%)
  • Organization: 2
  • Users: 4
  • Monitor: 100
  • Regions: 5
  • Status Page: 2
  • Historical uptime/logs: 6-month
  • Alert: Unlimited
Plan B
Save $1161 (90%)
  • Organization: 4
  • Users: 8
  • Monitor: 200
  • Regions: 10
  • Status Page: 4
  • Publish status pages on custom domains
  • Historical uptime/logs: 1-year
  • Alert: Unlimited
Plan C
Save $1791 (90%)
  • Organization: 7
  • Users: 15
  • Monitor: 350
  • Regions: 20
  • Status Page: 7
  • Publish status pages on custom domains
  • API Access
  • Historical uptime/logs: 2-year
  • Alert: Unlimited
Plan D
Save $3591 (90%)
  • Organization: 20
  • Users: 50
  • Monitor: 1000
  • Regions: 20
  • Status Page: 20
  • Publish status pages on custom domains
  • Remove Robotalp Branding on Status Page
  • API Access
  • Historical uptime/logs: 3-year
  • Alert: Unlimited


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Robotalp?

Robotalp is a monitoring platform which will check your all services, keep you updated, automatically notifies you.

What does Robotalp mean?

It is an admittedly geeky name, but hey we’re geeks. We have many robots to monitor your services. The name of the robot that manages all robots is ALP.

Can I try Robotalp for free?

Of course! Robotalp provides a 14-day unlimited free trial monitoring to all new users. You can test system and see the benefits.

Is there any limitations?

Each plan has different limitations. Choose the plan that better complies with your needs.

Which countries does Robotalp support?

We support the following locations: N. Virginia, Ohio, N. California, Oregon, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Central Canada, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Milan, Paris, Stockholm, Bahrain and Sao Paulo.

Can I add or remove monitors?

Yes you can add or remove monitors any time.

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