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For a powerful helpdesk software S-easy.

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It helps you to track your tasks and even creates tickets automatically from incoming e-mail, scheduled tasks or from your other tools via web APIs.

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Increase your customer satisfaction and strengthen your business.

Here are the highlighted features of S-easy:

  • Create a task manually even for your customer.
  • Create a task from incoming emails.
  • Distribute the tasks accordingly to the ticket categories and related products.
  • Assign the task to the responsible person or team.
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly tasks to create a ticket automatically.
  • Schedule a report to send to the specific group like managers or your customers.
  • Be aware of notification emails.
  • Upload related files into the ticket.
  • Detailed ticket reports with a graphical view.
  • See the ticket history for every action.
  • Customize your ticket form for your needs.

We have different roles in S-easy which are User, Agent, Team Leader and Manager. Let’s have a look at the problems separately.

As an Agent, it is hard to see all the tasks that I have to take care of and order and search them when I need.

As a Team Leader, I need to see my team situation like how many tickets are waiting and how many tickets are assigned and who has more tickets than others. How many tickets give alarm (high important or reach to the SLA)

As a Manager, I need to see all the teams and be able to see as much as the team leader sees and be able to take a detailed ticket report.

Every agent can see:

– assigned ticket to the agent directly.

– assigned ticket to the team that agent is a member of it.

– matched ticket categories and products with the team that agent is a member of it.

every user can change the columns of the ticket list grid and ordered column as they wish.

Team leaders and managers can also be a member of a team to be able to see the tickets.

Team leaders and managers can access to the dashboard which provides lot’s of information about their teams and tickets.

Managers can access to the Reports and settings pages to configure s-easy.

– Create a ticket from incoming emails.

– Schedule daily, weekly and monthly jobs to create a ticket automatically.

– Customize your ticket form accordingly to your needs.

– Send out email notifications for a specific action.

Plans & Pricing

Save $550 (91.8%)
  • Manager overview on the Dashboard
  • Team leader overview on the Dashboard
  • Team settings
  • Ticket categories and available product list definition
  • Detailed report exporting into Excel and PDF
  • Create ticket manually from the application even for your customer
  • Agent account up to 5
  • Unlimited client definition
  • Unlimited user definition
  • Ticket file upload up to 100 MB
  • Ticket work logs
  • Detailed dynamic reports
  • Auto ticket creation from incoming emails
  • Scheduled tickets
  • Scheduled reports
  • Satisfaction survey after ticket is resolved
  • Customize ticket fields
  • Ticket comments
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is S-easy can be set up on-premise?

Yes, if you have a server to publish s-easy on your own, we can set it up on your own server. All we need a VPN access and also make sure that this server can access to our web API for the license check.

Which DB tools can s-easy work with?

S-easy can work with MS SQL and PostgreSQL properly. You can choose one of them if you want to use s-easy on-premise version.

Do you do customer-specific implementations?

We try to implement all the features for all our customers but we can also do customer-specific implementations too. Of course, there will be additional costs if it a really custom implementation is.

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