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Interact with your Customers across Email, Social & more from a Single Dashboard

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Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with Simpu’s best-in-class shared Inbox, Chatbot, Text & Email Marketing Platform.

  • Collaborate between Cross-Functional Teams
  • Manage upto 9 Channels per brand
  • Alternative to: Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Intercom
  • Best for Customer Support, Startup Founders & Agency Owners

Your customers are trying to contact you on your Facebook page, and you’re busy responding to some emails.

You build businesses and make money by being available where your customers are. And Email is not the only place where you expect them to contact you.

And you need to engage with them, carry on the conversation to convert them into sales.


Simpu is a collaborative customer communication platform, with omnichannel inbox for businesses to increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Don’t let another lead slip through with late responses, impersonal messages, or missed follow-ups. 

With the omnichannel inbox, give your prospects a consistently personalized experience in real-time across platforms. (Yes, including the Live Chat)

Your sales team can spend more time engaging and converting customers instead of switching between multiple apps, and keeping track of conversations.

Go omni-channel & let your customers share even their grievances with you via Facebook or Instagram. 

You are available for them everywhere, to listen to them, and turn them into your brand advocates.  

Bring in your customer support team and let them collaborate with your customers in real time, for instant solutions.

Your customers won’t ever have the experience of repeating their queries or concerns. (More brownie points for customer satisfaction.)

No more expensive surveys with boring feedback forms and mediocre results. Ask, and understand your customer expectations directly after a chat. 

Converse with them to collect the feedback. Make them feel they’re heard and retain them with your brand.

Back your customer feedback with analytics for deeper insights. You become a brand that “gets” them, and that’s something they would want to vouch for!

Say goodbye to useless data scattered across multiple tools. Centralize all your customer data in the Contacts CRM and let it make sense (and more revenue) for your business. 

Don’t worry about the learning curve. It’s a flat line because the CRM adapts to you. Bulk upload contacts, add custom fields, and manage accounts in one place. 

Or save yourself the time and effort.

Simpu is automation-ready via seamless integration with your current CRM. (P.S. You can also integrate with Shopify, Woocommerceand more!)

You’re one interaction away from turning a random visitor into your loyal customer with Simpu. 

Set up your profile, add your team, assign them roles, and link all your social handles and other channels. Shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes to start engaging your customers. 

Simpu is your super-intuitive customer communication platform to ensure customer satisfaction and win their loyalty.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $841 (93.4%)
  • 5 Team Members
  • 5 Team Inboxes
  • Mapped to Basic Plan
Plan B
Save $1760 (92.7%)
  • 10 Team Members
  • 10 Team Inboxes
  • No Branding on Livechat
  • Mapped to Basic Plan
Plan C
Save $3580 (94.2%)
  • 10 Team Members
  • 20 Team Inboxes
  • Contacts CRM
  • No Branding on Livechat
  • Banking & Payment Integrations
  • Mapped to Professional Plan
Plan D
Save $5380 (94.4%)
  • 20 Team Members
  • 50 Team Inboxes
  • Contacts CRM
  • No Branding on Livechat
  • Banking & Payment Integrations
  • Mapped to Professional Plan


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