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Build Your E-commerce Website & Boost Sales with Speed, SEO & RTO Optimisation.

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Build, grow and scale your eCommerce brand with the power of Organic traffic (SEO) solutions.

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And you can do it without hiring a developer.

  • Typof is an easy-to-use eCommerce store builder that helps small and mid-sized businesses build, grow, and scale online. It includes features like high-performance stores, auto-technical SEO, fewer dependencies on third-party apps, pop-ups, rewards, flash notifications and more. Over 10,000+ eCommerce brands have already switched to Typof.
  • Similar to: Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, BigCommerce
  • Intuitive UI and UX, easy-to-use platform, and very stable.
  • Best for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, SMEs, and agencies looking to build their eCommerce stores out of the box.

eCommerce Businesses are Missing out on 89% Traffic Potential Without SEO, Typof helps you to go the extra mile!

Get your store setup in minutes and rank high on the Search engine!

The number of people searching for products online is increasing every day. As an eCommerce brand, you need to make sure that you’re always visible to your customers. A great way to do this is to increase your organic traffic by leveraging the power of SEO.

However, setting up an eCommerce store in the right way to optimize organic traffic is a daunting and time-consuming task. It requires technical knowledge, configuring third-party apps, and a lot of time and effort to get it right.


Typof is the go-to solution for any eCommerce brand looking to increase its organic traffic. It’s an easy-to-use online store builder that can help small and mid-sized brands build, grow, and scale online businesses.

Typof is designed to help you optimize your store for SEO with fewer dependencies on 3rd-party apps. You can access high-performance online stores with inbuilt features like popups, rewards, and flash notifications. Plus, you can set up your store in minutes and rank high on search engines.

More than 10,000+ eCommerce brands have already switched to Typof, and their organic traffic is soaring.  However, Increasing your organic traffic has never been easier with Typof.

Critical Stats:

  • According to a survey, 79% of brands’ traffic comes from search engines after implementing SEO. (Source: ImpactBND.com)
  • On average, brands that focus on SEO and content marketing will receive 61% more leads than those that don’t. (Source: MarketingSherpa.com)
  • 92% of searchers don’t go past the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs). (Source: HubSpot)
  • 65% of marketers say that technical SEO is a very important part of their marketing strategy. (Source: MarketingResearch.org)\
  • 70% of businesses saw increased organic search traffic when they implemented SEO. (Source: Search Engine People)


Online Store Builder:

With Typof, creating a high-converting eCommerce site is a breeze – even for beginners. It’s as easy as adding legos and content to lego blocks!

Unlike other online store-building solutions that rely on a confusing drag-and-drop formula, Typof utilizes a modular-based online store builder. Just create a prototype of your store and add modules accordingly, then fill in the content within the modules.

Typof is designed to help you create an online store that looks great and is built to increase user engagement and drive conversions. With features such as built-in analytics, automated marketing, and customizable pages, you have all the necessary tools to make an impact. Plus, you can quickly adjust your sales process via Typof’s simple user interface.

Save time and energy with Typof’s easy-to-use online store builder. Get started and experience the difference a well-crafted digital storefront can make in your business!

Multi Vendor:

Easily collaborate with other brands and build your own marketplace to house their products on your branded website.  Multi-vendor allows you to onboard multiple brands while they showcase their own product catalogs. This helps to create a marketplace that offers the same retail experience as larger sites such as Amazon or Niche Marketplace.

Setting up a multi-vendor site doesn’t have to be difficult! With the multi-vendor feature, you can quickly add vendors and their products to your store. It’s easy to set up product pages for each vendor, which allows you to manage orders, support vendors, process payments, and promote their products. Streamlining the process can create a more efficient shopping experience for your customers.

With the Multi-Vendor feature, you can offer your customers a comprehensive selection of products from multiple vendors. This feature ensures a hassle-free shopping experience and helps you to drive more sales and revenue. Create a successful multi-vendor site today with BrainCert and increase your brand visibility and customer satisfaction.


Reward your customers with a rewarding setting on every purchase. With the Rewards feature, you can make every customer more loyal by setting rules and awarding them points based on their purchases. Enroll customers in the rewards program on successful orders and give them “x” points based on the amount purchased. These points can then be redeemed for codes for their next purchase.

You can also set custom rules for your rewards program to determine how customers can earn and use points. With this feature, you can increase customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction by giving them something special when they purchase.

Make your customers loyal and increase sales with the Rewards feature. With a few clicks, you can set up a rewards program for your store and start rewarding your customers for their transactions. Offer incentives, discounts, and rewards to keep customers returning and your sales soaring. Try it today and see the rewards!

All you have to do is:

  • Add Products to your Store
  • Setup your frontstore
  • Make your store as ready as it should be to sell!

Some Interesting Use Cases:

  • Small online sellers can use Typof for orders less than 100+ per month.
  • Medium scale businesses doing of orders more than 500+ per month
  • Agencies that serve eCommerce clients in field of (eCommerce SEO, Amazon PPC,Performance Marketing,eCommerce web design, etc)
  • Sellers who want to build multi vendor store like Amazon.com,Ebay etc 

Why are businesses choosing Typof over the rest:

  • Automate everything from the minute a user signs up.
  • Automated technical SEO
  • Less dependecies on 3rd part apps
  • Available on a lifetime deal for a limited period of time.

The best part? You will pay just once and can use Typof for a lifetime. Grab your lifetime deal today.

Plans & Pricing

Plan A
Save $1739 (97.3%)
  • 1 Store
  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything in Scale Plan
  • Pre-designed Theme
  • Personalized Features
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multiple Currencies
  • International Payment Integration
  • International Shipping Integration
  • All features and updates to Typeof X Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Plan B (Pro Plus)
Save $6303 (97.8%)
  • 10 Stores
  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything in Scale Plan
  • Pre-designed Theme
  • Personalized Features
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multiple Currencies
  • International Payment Integration
  • International Shipping Integration
  • All features and updates to Typeof X Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
Plan C (Pro Plus)
Save $12273 (96.9%)
  • 50 Stores
  • Unlimited Products
  • Everything in Scale Plan
  • Pre-designed Theme
  • Personalized Features
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multiple Currencies
  • International Payment Integration
  • International Shipping Integration
  • All features and updates to Typeof X Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know the code to build an online store with Typof?

No, You don’t need to code to build an online store with Typof, we have done the work for you. You just have to add content as per your/clients requirements. We already have pre build modules that you might need to design awesome looking and high converting online stores for your brand/your clients.

Can I Integrate Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics?

All of our plans come with integration ability with facebook pixel and all the analytics tools like Heatmaps and recordings. For facebook pixel you just need to add your pixel ID under the analytics section of your Store dashboard and for other analytics tools either via custom header tags or via Google tag manager ( recommended). We have in depth videos on how to do so on our youtube channels so do check them out here:

Can I create websites like Amazon, ebay walmart etc ?

Yes, With Typof sky’s the limit as you can build your one multi vendor store and can invite various vendors to join your platform and manage their store listing while you can manage the entire setup just like Amazon seller program.

How is Typof Different from Shopify, woocommerce etc?

Apart from the ease of use and ability to get work done faster than Shopify and woocommerce . Our users love Typof because of the following reasons:

– High Performance: Take any normal shopify store and check their performance on google page speed insight and compare them with stores build with Typof you will find the difference in the performance right away ( We believe in Data )

– Lower dependencies of 3rd party apps: 3rd party apps are not only an extra cost but also are the major factors for lowering your conversions, website performance as they are way heavier and you would have to work with developers constantly to improve performance with Typof you have less dependencies on 3rd party apps as we have all features in build like Advance coupons,Popus,Loyalty etc and we are coming up with new release of tools and apps to make these dependencies 0 in future.

– Support at the priority: We love our customers just the way we love Typof and we know how important and crucial support is while building any brand. So our customer success teams are obsessed with your growth and are available all the time in case you feel any issues or if you’re facing any challenges. You can reach out directly to us at support@typof.com without any hesitation.

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