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Visual Feedback Tool & Bug Reporting with Video Screen Capture Tool Which Helps Users Save Time By Simplifying The Feedback Process!

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Make the feedback and bug reporting process easier for your clients.

With no further need to keeping a separate gallery full of screenshots or multiple conversations all over the place, this simple yet effective tool is enough to exchange comments and share ideas in the audio-visual format during any stage of a web-based project.

Your clients and team can personalize feedback like never before, using their chosen blend of screenshots, annotations, attachments, and that magic ingredient – voice and screen capture. This tool allows your clients, developers, designers, project managers, and QA team to capture their screen and voice while reporting bugs and giving feedback.

W3Dart – Visual Feedback Tool & Bug Reporting with Video Screen Capture Tool Which Helps Users Save Time By Simplifying The Feedback Process!

With W3Dart, you can accurately capture and fix bugs with animations, user journey mistakes, glitches with drop-down menus, and more.

Audio-Visual Recorder – Get clear and in-depth feedback from clients and bug reports from team members using audio-visual clips.

Easy Attachments – Clients and team members can attach samples of designs, layouts, images, sketches, and templates to provide more context while giving feedback or reporting a bug.

Annotated Screenshots – No need to upload, save, and edit screenshots in MS Paint or other 3rd party software. Handle everything through W3Dart’s intuitive interface.

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Auto-detection of System Specifications – W3Dart automatically detects the browser (incl. version), operating system, the screen size (incl. browser window size), and URL. You can use this information to recreate the issue and quickly resolve it.

Visual Task Board – Manage, assign, and prioritize tasks using W3Dart’s visual task board. Track progress and keep clients in the loop.

Integrate with Website Bug Reporting tools – Once you integrate W3Dart with your preferred project management software such as Jira, Monday, Slack, Trello, Asana, Dropbox, Basecamp and more, the feedback will automatically get shared with it. The files will be sent as attachments along with the feedback.

Contextual Feedback – Videos with voiceovers make it easy for clients to explain their thinking and feeling behind the feedback without going through multiple rounds of revision.

Universal Accessibility – No need for inconvenient 3rd party software and spreadsheets. Log in to W3Dart using any browser, any OS, and any device.

Flexible Privacy Controls – W3Dart’s pliable permission management system puts you in complete control of who has access to what.

Designing – W3Dart makes review and approval were easy and stress-free, Upload your file, share with unlimited reviewers, set permissions, and get feedback on Website design immediately and keeps your approval organized in one place.

For Browser-specific bugs – Use the W3Dart plugin available on the three major browsers – Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. This will accelerate the QA process and allow you to pinpoint the problem.

Mobile Apps – Available on App Store and Play Store.

Prototype – Never present static designs again, prototypes communicate ideas. In less than 5 minutes, transform your approved design mockups into interactive, online prototypes without writing a single line of code.

Alternate For – Userback, Usersnap

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Unlimited Plan
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