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Deliver even if they ignore your email with Quokka

Quokka detects those who ignored your email and creates a custom ad audience on retargeting platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google AdWords. With this cross-promotional superpower, you can retarget your customers on the place of their attention. The Quokka LTD is now available on SaaS Mantra.

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💥 Delivering an email was never the end goal.

💥 You want to improve the customer’s experience. Ask them to take action or want to tell them a story.

💥 If someone missed your email, why not use a cross-channel approach to deliver the message again?!

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Lifetime Access to Quokka


Value $3,450

30-day money back guarantee

What’s included in the Quokka Lifetime Deal?

⚡️ Unlimited Campaigns
⚡️ 50,000 emails tracking/month, per deal
⚡️ Stack as many deals as you want
⚡️ Choose the campaigns you want to track
⚡️ Coupon codes are valid for 99 Years
⚡️ Connect to more Ad networks with Multiple Quokka accounts
⚡️ 40% discount when you upgrade
⚡️ All current & future integrations are included

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