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Restream allows you to stream live to 30+ social platforms at once.

Restream helps brands and content creators grow, engage, and monetize their audience across all the live streaming platforms globally.


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Restream lifetime deal

Streaming live content is no easy task! There are now dozens of live streaming platforms out and choosing the right ones to stream to is tough. It can be a hassle to set up your live streaming system properly.

Restream helps brands and content creators grow, engage, and monetize their audience across all the live streaming platforms globally.

Manage live content across 30+ streaming platforms simultaneously. From Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, and much more. is very easy to set up. You can stream directly from your webcam with no additional software, or you can use a broadcast software solution such as OBS Studio, SLOBS, or XSplit.

Simply connect your channels and go live with the webcam or your broadcast software, and it will automatically go live on the different platforms you set up.


  • Choose Restream from the list of Services, paste your unique stream key from the Restream dashboard, and suddenly your screen is duplicated and ready to share.
  • Restream Chat aggregates comments from different channels into one feed, so you can interact with audiences across all platforms (group chat is so lit right now).
  • Restream also has a “Doubling” feature, which allows you to broadcast to additional channels of the same platform.
  • Content creators everywhere use Restream to live broadcast without platform or processing limits.

Get yearly access to Restream now!

Restream Annual Deal (1-Year Access)

✔️ 1-Year Access to Restream Standard Plan
✔️ Restream Go Live (Multistream from your browser)
✔️ No bitrate limit
✔️ No time limit on live streams
✔️ Live stream to 30+ streaming platforms at the same time (1 channel per platform)
✔️ Simultaneous streaming to 2 Facebook profiles (or Custom RTMP)
✔️ 1x extra destination (custom RTMP or more than 1 channel per platform)
✔️ Analytics and audience insights
✔️ Future updates included
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

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