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Keep files from across any of your apps organized in virtual folders.

One place, all your cloud files: view, organize, and access any cloud file.


Value $588.00/year

With thousands of files spread across all over our computer folders and apps with a messy desktop as well, searching for even a small document or a pdf couldn’t be an easier task, right?

Meet Rethink, helps you to organize your files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Docusign, Slack (and 30+ more apps) in one single dashboard. – Say goodbye to searching for files across multiple apps for hours. Use Publist to store, access and search your files.

Rethink Features:

Let’s know what this power-packed tool offers you:

  • One File Manager For All Your Apps – While the cloud brought many fantastic tools, your apps and data in it began to pile up.
  • Organize and Search Everything In One Place – Publist searches all of your storages at once so you never have to open multiple tabs. 
  • Access Files In Any Cloud – Bridging desktop and cloud data.
  • Beautiful File Previews – You have got a lot of files that Publist can show you. 
  • Easy Notes or Rich Documents  – With Publist’s pages app you can edit rich documents quickly within Publist allowing you to take notes, create documentation or collaborate on thoughts and work.
  • Instant Team File Access – Publist makes files from your team easily accessible and shareable.

Rethink is also a VC backend company and they have successfully raised $900k in seed round through InspirationVC.

  • Advanced Security: Behind Rethink is a robust, tested infrastructure designed to protect your data whenever you transfer, store, or access it. Rethink secures data in transit and at rest with industry-standard encryption (AES-256). Rethink is powered by the same infrastructure providers most of your current tools use. Finally, frequent backups stored offsite make data practically impervious to interruption or loss.
  • Backed by robust infrastructure: Every file you store with Rethink is maintained and encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption in top of the line data centers managed by our infrastructure partner, Amazon Web Services.
  • Simple privacy and sharing controls: You own your data, and whether it’s your personal or work information, we’re committed to keeping it private.
  • Commitment to security: We regularly verify and test our infrastructure and data security systems. Rethink is dedicated to providing best-in-class security, compliance and data protection for our customers.

Get lifetime access to Rethink now!

Starting at $19.00

✔️ 2TB Storage Space
✔️ Access to All the Integrations  & Future Updates
✔️ Unlimited Members
✔️ No File Upload Limit
✔️ Private/Shared Drives

Save 95%

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