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Perfectly manage your sales and customer management with Samdock, the simplest CRM for businesses!


Value $52.00/year
Samdock | CRM Tool For Your Business 1

If you face any of these issues –

  • Being unstructured in sales and customer management
  • Being overwhelmed by administrative stuff instead of doing actual sales
  • Losing time and potential customers while taking care of leads with no potential for a sale
  • Not recognizing which leads have the most potential
  • Insufficient lead prioritization/qualification
  • Using tools with too much distraction/features they don’t need
  • Needing to maintain contacts in Excel lists, appointments in Outlook, tasks on Post-its, phone notes on slips of paper and customer files on your laptop

With Samdock you can manage everything centrally in one place. Transparent for everyone.

Samdock An easy-to-use CRM tool to help you with significant time saving through structure, transparency and streamlined processes in your customer activities.

Customer Management is a tough job and a significant chunk of time can be saved through structure, transparency and streamlined processes in your customer activities. Samdock radically simplifies CRM, Sales and Customer Management without overloading the system with features you never need.

Samdock’s pared-back range of features makes it easy for you to focus on what you do best: selling. Ready-to-go from minute one.

Samdock | CRM Tool For Your Business 2

Search Less & Find More – Learn more about the customer’s latest information and status such as – if the lead has already been contacted or has been rejected?

Combined persons & organizations view – Get full visibility with a unique, network-wide overview. Create filters to visualize important information when you need it, and then save it as a view so it’ll always be just a click away.

Create web forms – Create a web form directly in Samdock with just a few clicks and embed it on your website. Your website visitors can then send requests and end up directly in your system.

Get your leads in – Connect your website or other inbound sources and let new requests automatically flow into Samdock with our easy-to-build webforms and API connections.

Painless lead management – Make sure you’re only focusing on the most promising deals with intelligent lead pre-qualifying. Reach out to the right person at the right time with straightforward, intuitive lead management.

A beautifully intuitive deal board – Design your own custom workflow and have more fun selling with Samdock’s modern deal board.

Meetings & Communication – Connect your calendar and link your appointments with your contacts, leads and deals and reap the rewards of a unified sales workflow.

Time-effective to-do lists & task management – Plan out your daily tasks and easily keep everything organized with our almost painfully intuitive to-do lists. Assign tasks to your colleagues with just a few clicks and smash your targets together.

2-step import – Easily import your existing lists of customers and contacts. Our customer success team is always there to assist you.

GDPR-compliant – Samdock is not only 100% GDPR-compliant, but also ensures that you yourself handle your customer data in an absolutely safe manner.

Full contact & activity history – Easily store the data you need for your deals, and add custom fields to each contact for more effective customer categorization.

Alternate For – Pipedrive, Zoho

Get a lifetime deal to Samdock now!

Lifetime Access to Samdock


✔️ 2 Users
✔️ 30k Persons
✔️ 15k Organizations
✔️ 5k Leads/Deal
✔️ 10 Pipelines With Each 10 Sales Stages
✔️ 10 Inbound Sources
✔️ Unlimited Tasks
✔️ 10 GB File Storage
✔️ Account Management
✔️ Companies/Persons
✔️ Lead Management
✔️ Deal Management
✔️ Tasks Management
✔️ Multiple Pipelines
✔️ Multiple Sales Stages
✔️ Open API & Zapier Integration
✔️ BCC Email Feature
✔️ IMAP Email Sync (Coming Soon – November)
✔️ Files Upload
✔️ Filters & Dynamics Lists with Export possibility
✔️ Private Dynamic Contact List per user 20
✔️ Shared Contact List 10
✔️ Central Request Inbox
✔️ Connect Website & Inbound Sources
✔️ DOI Double Opt-In Automation
✔️ 30 Custom Fields (for Organizations and Persons)
✔️ Data Import / Export
✔️ Discounted Upgrades for Samdock Enterprise features
✔️ All Future Updates Included
✔️ Non-Stackable Plan. You can upgrade to a high-tier plan
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy


✔️ 5 Users
✔️ + All features from Plan A


✔️ 10 Users
✔️ 100k Persons
✔️ 50k Organizations
✔️ 25k Leads/Deals
✔️ 20 Pipelines With Each 20 Sales Stages
✔️ + All features from Plan A


✔️ 15 Users
✔️ + All features from Plan A & C

Save 94%

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