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Satiurn | All-in-One Tool For Productivity 1

Using too many apps will keep you busy, but not productive. Most Productivity tools lack a cross-functional purpose, and it leads you to spend your precious dollars on tools that you see fit.

Well. Here’s the good news for you.

Irrespective of where your business stands, would you like it if your clientele and your expenses are managed in perfect sync? (In the same app? Hell yea)

Unlike your popular productivity tools, Satiurn is one of a kind (like the planet itself).

Satiurn is an easy-to-use tool that bridges the gap between your organization’s CRM and productivity needs. Simply put, you could use one great tool instead of shuffling between multiple good tools.

Create your First business when logging in to Satiurn. Add basic details like name, address, contact information, tasks to work on, etc.

Add your working project in your pipeline and set your status in the project pipeline.

Your proposal is going to do all the talking to your client. To send out a stellar proposal, tap “create proposal” and fill out the required fields. These include — client info, service provided, and price estimates for your service.

Send your proposal from Satiurn in ways you see convenient. Edit and export as a pdf and send through your preferred channels, or from Satiurn itself.

Satiurn | All-in-One Tool For Productivity 2

The proposals automatically become part of your team’s tasks once it is active. Set deadlines, add collaborators to the project and monitor them on the go.

Did I say Satiurn also helps amplify your team’s productivity? Absolutely. With kanban boards, timeline views, and task views for assigned projects, your team is saved from the hassle.

Add to-do’s, tasks for your team and share them the same.

In case you need to add specific suggestions to assigned projects, tap the active project and add notes to specific members of your team.

You know, it is annoying to have different tools/accounts for managing different businesses. (Way too many fingers in your business pie).

Manage multiple business processes under the same account and keep your cool to yourself.

Your income and expenditures play a vital role and you may forget to track them. With Satiurn’s built-in feature, you can set price quotes, track received and pending payments.

Monitor payment deadlines, get notified on when to get paid (if your memory is intact), and much more with a few clicks.

Worried about storing your clients’ information? Rewind a few minutes to where you created your proposal. When you are at that, Satiurn helps your clients’ contacts get stored separately.

Something’s missing, right? How to get paid and track payments?

There is one solution and it is a reliable one too. Integrate your Stripe account and make transactions a walk in the park for you and your customers.

Nothing comes for free but can be irresistibly affordable. Satiurn is priced at $19.99/month for the Pro plan through their site offering.

With a one-time purchase of Satiurn for just $29, you can get all features that Satiurn has to offer to optimise your team’s productivity through the roof.

Get a lifetime deal to Satiurn now!

Lifetime Access to Satiurn

✔️ Unlimited Projects
✔️ Unlimited Proposals
✔️ Unlimited Contacts
✔️ 30 users per Business
✔️ Weekly Task Planner
✔️ Set specific privileges to team members
✔️ Productivity tracking of your team
✔️ Income and expense trackers of your proposals
✔️ Manage sales pipelines
✔️ Calendar with distinguished color codes for tasks’ status.
✔️ Easy transactions with Stripe
✔️ Kanban boards, timeline views of your projects
✔️ CNAME (Coming soon)
✔️ Stack Codes to Manage Multiple businesses under one account
✔️ Future updates & integrations of PRO Plan are included
✔️ 60 days refund policy

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