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Send and Receive Encrypted Emails

Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft 365, & More — Send and Receive Encrypted Personal or Business Emails To and From Anyone!


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We all love email. Easy, efficient, and ubiquitous – we trust it with so much. Too much, in fact. Email was never designed for the security and privacy needs of today’s internet. It’s commonly hacked, easily tapped, and major providers scan and read your email as a normal course of business. This leaves your personal and business data badly exposed. Sadly, email security solutions have always been complicated, expensive, or both.

SecureMyEmail by Witopia – Modern end-to-end encryption for your Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft 365, Exchange, or most any other personal or business email — in just a few minutes.

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Witopia fixes it with SecureMyEmail. This app provides end-to-end encryption (and other modern security features such as self-destructing messages) for ANY IMAP-enabled email addresses, including major providers such as Gmail, G Suite, Yahoo, and Microsoft. You can send and receive encrypted emails and files to and from anyone with a valid email address. They don’t have to be a SecureMyEmail customer.

With your privacy and security in mind, SecureMyEmail uses true end-to-end asymmetrical encryption; this means that your email is encrypted before it leaves your device. No one, not even your email provider, ISP, hacker, or Witopia, can ever access your emails or attachments.

  • Setting up encrypted email for your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Hotmail & more is automated
  • True “zero-knowledge” end-to-end encryption; only you can access your emails & files
  • Digitally “sign” your emails to verify them & prevent spear-phishing and other email impersonation fraud
  • Email with non-users will still be encrypted end-to-end and you can even set self-destruct times for additional security
  • Native software for Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android is included
  • Every individual SecureMyEmail account includes use for up to five (5) personal or work email addresses at no additional cost

ProPrivacy: “The service is true to its word, being incredibly easy to use and offering a seamless setup process.”

Get lifetime access to SecureMyEmail now!

Lifetime Access to SecureMyEmail

✔️SecureMyEmail for Windows and Mac
✔️5 Personal or Work Email Addresses
✔️Set self-destruct times for additional security
✔️Mac, Windows, iOS, & Android is included
✔️And more! See all the features

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SecureMyEmail Lifetime Deal

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