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Complete Visitor & SEO Analytics Tool for Local & Small Businesses

Its a complete visitor and SEO analytics, a great tool to analyze your site’s visitors and analyze any site’s information.


Value $499.00
Seovaults | Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tool 1

Manual SEO audits cost a tonne and are not affordable for small businesses! Now save time and money with a VAULT full of highly recommended visitor analytics & SEO tools built especially for small & local businesses.

SEOVAULTS is the most powerful and complete visitor analytics & SEO tool. This tool helps analyze site visitors and site information, such as Google page rank.

Seovaults | Complete Visitor Analytics & SEO Tool 2

SEOVAULTS – Combine all that with some other great SEO tools such as link analysis, keyword position analysis, auto keyword suggestion, page status check, backlink creation/search, website ping, Google Adwords scraper, etc.

You will get some bonus utility tools such as email encoder/decoder, metatag generator, ogtag generator, plagiarism check, valid email check, duplicate email filter, url encode/decode, robot code generator, etc.

Key Features of This SEO & Visitor Analytics Tool:

  1. Visitor analytics
  2. Website analytics
  3. Social network analysis
  4. Rank & index analysis
  5. Domain analysis
  6. Ip analysis
  7. Keyword analysis
  8. Link analysis
  9. Backlink & ping
  10. Malware scan
  11. Google Tools & Utilities

BONUS Utilities Included in This Tool:

  1. URL shortener
  2. Code minifier – HTML code minifier, CSS code minifier & JS code minifier
  3. Email encoder/ decoder
  4. URL encoder/ decoder
  5. Base64 encoder/decoder
  6. Meta tag generator
  7. Robot code generator,
  8. Plagiarism check,
  9. Valid email check,
  10. Duplicate email filter
  11. URL canonical check
  12. Gzip check

Get a lifetime deal to Seovaults now!

Lifetime Access to Seovaults

Plans & Features for 1 Code

✔️ Visitor Analytics: 750000/month
✔️ Website Analytics: 100/month
✔️ Keyword Tracking: 100/Month each
✔️ Link Analysis: 100/Month
✔️ Plagiarism Check: 50/Month
✔️ Rank & Index Analysis: 100/Month
✔️ Security Tools: 100/Month
✔️ Social Network Analysis: 100/Month
✔️ IP analysis: 100/Month
✔️ Domain analysis: 100/Month

Plans & Features for Stacking 2 Codes

✔️ Visitor Analytics: UNLIMITED
✔️ Website Analytics: UNLIMITED
✔️ Keyword Tracking: UNLIMITED
✔️ Link analysis: UNLIMITED
✔️ Plagiarism Check: UNLIMITED
✔️ Rank & Index Analysis: UNLIMITED
✔️ Security Tools: UNLIMITED
✔️ Social Network Analysis: UNLIMITED
✔️ IP analysis: UNLIMITED
✔️ Domain analysis: UNLIMITED

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