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Growth centred Analytics for E-Commerce

Growth centred Analytics for E-Commerce. Insights that make sense with Shoppr's ML & AI-powered Analytics.


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shoppr lifetime deal

If you manage an Ecommerce store, you know how difficult it is to get accurate detailed analytics. Just to run one store, you need 10s of other softwares to understand the complete metrics of your store like CRM, Sales, CPC, Subscribers etc.

This gets harder when your store grows and managing every metric separately in different tools is extremely tiring and time-consuming.

But with, you get access to 40+ metrics with detailed analytics in a single dashboard.

A Growth Centred Analytics Tool For Your E-Commerce Store!

You can see:

  • Who are my most valuable customers?
  • What is the customer buying journey of the customers?
  • What channels generate most sales?
  • What is the sales trend?
  • Who are your top customers and what are their behaviors?
  • What are your top performing products?
  • What is the Customer Lifetime Value of your store?
  • How many repeat purchases do you have?
  • How often do users buy from your website?
  • What are the demographics of your customers?
  • What products are most likely to be refunded?
  • What customers are most likely to refund?
  • How much revenue did you make?
  • What is the average order value?
  • What product categories perform best?
  • How much revenue do you make per country/region?
  • What is the growth trend in orders and revenue?
  • How many items do customers order on average?
  • And much, much more.

The best thing, you can see this all in one simple dashboard. Forget about spending hours digging into Google Analytics data.

Get Detailed Insights The Customer Journey From A To Z


Shoppr Features:

  • Custom Analytics tailored to your Sales and Growth Targets: Your store’s historical performance put in sync with your sales targets – better at helping you make data-driven, result-oriented decisions.
  • Reach the right people, Improve engagement rates: Shoppr’s RFM(Recency, Frequency, Monetary) Logic segments your customers based on their purchasing and browsing patterns, helping you target them separately across integrated marketing channels like Email, Facebook and Google Ads. Or, Export the data and manually import it on supported platforms.
  • Insight rich Dashboard for Marketing Campaigns powered by ML & AI tech: Find what’s working and what’s not, fine-tune and control your marketing spend using recommendations from Dataone’s Advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Systems.

List of Integrations:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Instamojo
  • MailChimp
  • BigCommerce
  • Facebook

Get Lifetime access to Shoppr now!

Lifetime Access to Shoppr (Solo Plan)

✔️ Connect unlimited stores
✔️ Connect unlimited Marketing Channels
✔️ Built for WooCommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Instamojo
✔️ Connect & Get insights in Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Mailchimp performance
✔️ Track 40+ Key Success Metrics
✔️ Track up to $50K Annual Revenue (stackable)
✔️ Omni-Channel dashboards
✔️ Lifetime Historical Data
✔️ Customer Journey Flow Reporting
✔️ Product Profiles (New)
✔️ Customer Profiles (New)
✔️ Team Members/Multi-user Access (New)
✔️ Sub-Accounts (New)
✔️ Agency Dashboard (New)
✔️ White-labeled Email & PDF Reports
✔️ Priority Email and Chat Support
✔️ All future updates and improvements for the Solo plan included
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee (Team Plan)

✔️ $500k Limit in Annual Sales Revenue
✔️ Rest Features are the same as the $49 Regular Plan
✔️ 60-Days Refund Policy (Agency Plan)

✔️ $2 Million Limit in Annual Sales Revenue
✔️ Rest Features are the same as the $49 Regular Plan
✔️ 60-Days Refund Policy

Add-Ons & Extras

Lifetime Users & Sub-Accounts Add-On

✔️ Lifetime Add-on
✔️ Add 5 additional sub-accounts
✔️ Add 10 additional users

Lifetime Revenue Add-On

✔️ Lifetime Add-on
✔️ Add extra $100K in annual revenue

Save 95%

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