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SimilarMail Email Analytics Tools for Competitive Campaign Analysis

SimilarMail helps you to improve your campaigns and newsletters depend on current patterns and hard information.


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Everyone is different, yet on the off chance that you need to discover precisely how your email habits shape your overall execution, you’ll need email analytics tools to help you.

SimilarMail helps you to improve your campaigns and newsletters depend on current patterns and hard information.

Get insights, track statistics, and explore a collection of over 2,500,000 email designs from 20,000 leading brands. SimilarMail, the new standard in email analytics.

Get inspiration for content marketing and email design

Gain knowledge of current trends. Discover design inspirations from leading brands. Write the best subjects and design the most viral emails. Access newsletter archive of major brands.

Send the right email at the right time

Use data insights to increase open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Follow and learn email marketing strategies from leading brands

Uncover global keyword trends. Discover marketing campaigns from competitors. Plan your marketing calendar by tracking content and trends for important holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, Christmas and many more.

Analyze content and subjects

Learn what are the best content and subject strategies using our content and subject analysis stats and spam prediction (coming soon). Identify best subject lines using our SubjectAI technology (coming soon) powered by machine learning.

Discover email technologies used by top sites

Identify marketing automation technologies such as mailchimp, sendgrip, mailgun, getresponse, intercom, etc.

Get Lifetime access to SimilarMail now!

Lifetime Access to SimilarMail

✔️ Search 2,500,000 emails
✔️ 20,000 Brands
✔️ Discover Unique Subjects
✔️ Seasonal or Brand Keywords
✔️ Domains across 3 years of data
✔️ Calendar view, journey view and inbox view
✔️ Discover email technologies used by top sites
✔️ Bookmark, Search, Edit and Download designs
✔️ Search, follow and view detailed analytics of brands
✔️ Advanced fulltext search of every email and website
✔️ Get insights on aggregated data and analytics on specific industry
✔️ Bookmark and follow your brands and receive weekly summary and email digests
✔️ Drill down into individual email. View PNG render of desktop or mobile screenshots, HTML code or plaintext
✔️ Detailed email analysis including readability, mobile compatibility, with/without emoticons or animated gifs
✔️ 24/7 Email Support

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