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Starchive is a digital asset management and content curation platform that’s affordable and accessible for the everyday creator and media maker.


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Content creators create. They can’t help it. It’s who they are. But whether they’re a writer, a filmmaker, an artist, or a multi-hyphenate that does it all, all that content they create starts to stack up.

Research documents, raw video, recording session tracks, and other work product can take up a fair amount of digital space. While it’s tempting to just push all those files to a cloud storage account, that doesn’t always make it easy to find something you need later.

Starchive Cloud Storage isn’t just a cloud storage option for creative people. It’s a meticulously crafted archival system, created to allow users to safely store, organize, locate, and share every piece of digital content they want at their fingertips.

Unlike more traditional cloud storage providers like Dropbox or Google Cloud, Starchive is an active partner in helping creators curate and share their works. Their advanced system for organizing and protecting contents are why artists like Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, and Roseanne Cash, as well as brands like Volvo, Essence Magazine, and the New York Philharmonic are all Starchive users.

Whenever a piece of content is saved into Starchive, the system makes it easy to tag each item with all the correct metadata to identify it later. In addition to custom fields for inserting all your own relevant indexing information, Starchive even sets artificial intelligence bots loose to identify items and assign tags automatically.

With all that metadata in place, you’ll be able to almost instantly find any piece of content without worrying about which file you put it in. Advanced search features can find almost anything you need in seconds, including full text searches of all your documents. Meanwhile, the tagging allows for the creation of collections, which bring together all of your content gathered around a particular subject or theme, but without forcing users to physically reorganize their files.

Every file in Starchive can be immediately previewed or played right from the web browser, or shared to friends, co-workers or clients. Content can even be immediately posted directly to social media with a few clicks courtesy of the Starchive app. And that file sharing requires no uploading or downloading. Once you share a file, it’s available to your chosen user in seconds, even if it’s a file filled with hundreds of GBs of high-definition video.

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Lifetime Access to Starchive

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✔️ Built-In Media Player
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Starchive Lifetime Deal
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