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Beautiful Browser Extension for Taking Quick Notes

Sticky Notes by Ukiv is a lightning fast, easy-to-use browser extension for taking notes in Chrome and Edge.


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Sticky Notes Lifetime Deal Grabltd

Do you need to paste some data frequently on websites – like your email ID, phone number, address, IDs, or some passwords? Do you feel the need to jot down sudden ideas, or any information from a call or website, so you don’t lose them?

Sticky Notes by Ukiv is a lightning-fast, easy-to-use, and beautiful browser extension for taking quick notes. Stop losing 70% of sudden thoughts, ideas, and tasks. Never lose that train-of-thought in mind again. This app will definitely change your life, as it had changed for over a million users in the past nine years.

Sticky Notes by Ukiv is a straightforward and user-friendly way to take notes without leaving your browser.

The browser extension is perfect for writing down a quick idea, creating a to-do list, or keeping information handy so you can copy and paste it whenever you need it. It’s lightning fast and beautifully designed, with a range of themes and fonts to make taking notes fun.

No need to close your browser or switch between tabs — just click on the extension icon to access all your Sticky Notes.

With optional cloud backups, you can make sure you never lose any of the information in your Sticky Notes.

All your important information and big ideas are ready when you need them, and you don’t have to leave your browser.

  • Copy-paste inside your browser, note down any quick idea, & plan your to-dos
  • Note down important stuff faster than ever; click on the extension icon & access your notes
  • Select breathtaking animated themes & many handpicked font options
  • Get automatic & manual on-click both backup options
  • One-click rich text with bold, italics, underline
  • Create unlimited mini lists as part of your notes – Bulleted or Numbered
  • Read your notes anywhere on any device by logging-in into the website
  • Export your notes as Text files anytime from within the app
  • Premium support; connect directly to CEO / CTO for escalations

Get lifetime access to Sticky Notes now!

Lifetime Access to Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes Premium

✔️ All 9 notes
✔️ Premium animated themes
✔️ Automatic backup of notes
✔️ Access notes anywhere
✔️ Multi-monitor support
✔️ Premium support

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Sticky Notes Lifetime Deal Grabltd
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