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Automate your Business Financial Modeling with Sturppy Today!

Sturppy helps you forecast the financial statements needed for your startup: income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, all automated!


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Sturppy | Create the Financial Model for your Startup 1

Being a business owner, you are gonna spend a lot of time focussing on generating leads, revenue, building relationships, funnels, etc.

What about keeping track of the financial statements, balance sheet, cash flow statements, etc?

“I probably need to hire a Financial Analyst”

“Or… maybe I should take up some courses on Finance & Accounting”

Nope, you don’t have to…

With Sturppy, you can create financial models, cash flow statements, etc. to your business plan, without having to spend time learning accounting.

Getting started with Sturppy is quite easy.

  • Create a New Project
  • Select your experience with Financial Modeling (a simple yes/no will do)
  • Choose your business model (SaaS / Ecommerce / Mobile Apps)
  • Fill in your Customer Acquisition Cost, Conversion Rate & Expenses
  • That’s it

Sturppy will get you the Financial Projections, Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Valuation of your Company etc. based on your inputs

You can always go back & change all your inputs, to retrieve the updated predictions. And you can do this “N” number of times for every project.

Sturppy | Create the Financial Model for your Startup 2

Every project you create in your Sturppy account can be shared with Investors, Stakeholders, Partners with the read-only access.

And to key in those inputs, you can always loop in all your teammates to collaborate with you on various projects inside your account.

This helps you & your team get a deep understanding of how many customers you need to be profitable, to meet your financial goals for the Quarter/Year, the runaway you have etc.

The built-in AI tells you how realistic your financial model is, which varies from one business category to another.

When you share your unique project link with your investors & stakeholders, they can check out your financial model directly from the platform (Goodbye, PDF) & get deeper insights

To put it simple, with Sturppy you can simplify your financial model creation & receive more attention from the investors.

Get a lifetime deal to Sturppy now!

Lifetime Access to Sturppy

✔️ Unlimited Users
✔️ Unlimited Projects
✔️ Preview Link for Investors
✔️ Multiple Business Models
✔️ AI Assistant
✔️ Smart Valuation
✔️ Financial Statements
✔️ Dynamic Forecast Length
✔️ Multi-Period Projections
✔️ Multiple Projects
✔️ Hiring Plan
✔️ Scenario Planning
✔️ Future updates & integrations are included
✔️ 30 days refund policy

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Sturppy Lifetime Deal
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