Tabextend Lifetime Deal

Effortlessly save tabs and notes into groups

Instead of copy and pasting URLs into other apps or forgetting sites in your bookmarks just drop your tabs off in tabExtend.


Value $778.00/Year
Tabextend Lifetime Deal

Managing tabs is a pain.

TabExtend makes it easy to manage all your browser tabs, notes and reminders in one place.

Simply drag & drop your tabs into groups, save them into a read-later folder and share your workspaces privately or publicly with others.

You can even create custom views of your favorite pages so they are always available at a glance without having to search through all those open tabs again!

With TabExtend, managing your open tabs has never been easier. And this all inside one beautifully designed tool that will make you feel zen inside.

Bring order to your browser tab-chaos with tabExtend. Effortlessly handle tabs, notes, and to-dos inside your favorite browser. Organize it all visually and boost your productivity.

Handle your browser tabs in a new and intuitive way by drag & drop or by quickly right clicking any site to save it.

Build your own Kanban-style boards and overview where you can open and close groups of tabs with one click, add and combine notes, and also share and collaborate.

Access your sites and notes from anywhere across all devices.

Already have a huge library of bookmarks? Import them with one click as different groups.

Organize Your Tabs, Notes And Bookmarks In A Snap And Save Time And Boost Productivity

With tabExtend you can effortlessly manage tabs, notes, and to-dos inside your favorite browser.

Normally you would pay up to $778, but for a limited time only you can get lifetime access starting at $59 one-time.

Get a lifetime deal to Tabextend now!

Lifetime Access to Tabextend

✔️ 1 user
✔️ Save unlimited items
✔️ Unlimited workspaces
✔️ Daily backups
✔️ Manage tabs, notes & to-dos
✔️ Organize tabs into groups
✔️ Kanban board
✔️ Search
✔️ Generate groups with top-visited sites
✔️ Themes
✔️ Share workspaces
✔️ Mobile app (Soon)
✔️ Copy paste board (Soon)
✔️ All future plan updates
✔️ 30-day Money Back Guarantee

✔️ 3 users
✔️ Team management dashboard
✔️ All above feature included

✔️ 9 users
✔️ Team management dashboard
✔️ All above feature included

Save 94%

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Tabextend Lifetime Deal
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