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A Virtual Workspace With One-Click Voice Chat Rooms & Collaboration

A Virtual Workspace With One-Click Voice Chat Rooms & Collaboration For Remote & Hybrid Teams!!


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Talkie | Virtual Workspace for Remote Teams 1

Virtual Workspaces has become a necessity as many businesses are shifting to work remotely or have a remote team. Hence, it is important to have interactive team collaboration for the business to run seamlessly.

To help sort this out, we have Talkie, a virtual workspace for remote teams. Communicate effortlessly with quick & easy 1-click voice-only collaboration.

Talkie – A Virtual Workspace With One-Click Voice Chat Rooms & Collaboration For Remote & Hybrid Teams!!

Talkie eliminates meeting links, tabbing over different channels & elevates presence, to give distributed teams the flow of working in person.

Quick Meetings – Unplanned interactions lead to important outcomes. Talkie helps you have short bursty conversations with 1-click audio chat, almost as if you’ve passed your teammate in the hallway.

Quick Setup – Save time & energy, send and record voice updates with shareable link & real-ime transcriptions and keep in touch with your team & focus on the work that matters. Share files & do much more.

Talkie | Virtual Workspace for Remote Teams 2

Quick Collaboration – No more waiting for people to join a meeting. You know exactly when and how many people have joined a conversation. No more waiting around.

Each space is loaded with collaborative surfaces so you can quickly take notes, capture to-dos, and share ideas.

Integrate your workflow with Talkie – Connect Talkie to the tools you love to make your meeting, management, and productivity workflows even better via Google Calendar and Slack.

Reduce friction in communication with integrations via plugins like Miro, Remote-browsing, GSuite, Trello & White Board.

Use Cases –

  • Design Teams – Quick Brainstorming hurdles? Start a conversation with teammates in one click and use screen sharing to bring them up to speed. If you can’t connect in real-time.
  • Product Teams – When you’re mapping out roadmap priorities, the last thing you need are video feeds taking up your entire screen. Kick off a voice chat with stakeholders, share your screen, and enjoy Talkie’s lightweight audio bubbles as a sticky overlay as you focus on the task at hand – planning.
  • Leadership teams – Culture and Trust is all about communicating the company vision clearly and getting teams aligned. Founders & managers Join daily standups & all-hands updates and blast it out to the team or check-in quickly and stay in touch with folks across the board.

What’s the Benefit of using Talkie?

  • Simple, fast & secure 
  • Save time and monthly subscriptions
  • Elevate presence and culture inside your team
  • Go beyond time zones & reduce remote work friction

Get lifetime access to Talkie now!


Lifetime Access to Talkie


✔️ 10 Users
✔️ Unlimited 1-1 Chat
✔️ Unlimited Group Chat
✔️ Unlimited 1-1 Calling
✔️ Unlimited Group Calling
✔️ Screen Sharing/Recording
✔️ Unlimited File Sharing
✔️ Audio messages (Transcription)
✔️ Shareable Audio Messages
✔️ Personalized Meeting Link/Web-Address
✔️ Unlimited Rooms
✔️ All Features and Updates to Talkie
✔️ Early Bird Discount Inclusive
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy


✔️ 20 Users
✔️ + All The Plan A Features


✔️ 30 Users
✔️ + All The Plan A Features


✔️ Unlimited Users
✔️ + All The Plan A Features

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