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Tiiny.host - A web-hosting tool that lets you share your web project in an easy way.


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Currently, there are many steps involved to host a simple website. With modern-day cloud services, you should be able to host a website in seconds but then there are certain challenges that make this process a lot difficult to execute.

But now, you don’t have to worry about how to web projects anymore. Let this tool do the job for you!

Tiiny Host is a super simple static web hosting service perfect for publishing your web project in seconds. It’s great for landing pages, prototyping, client demos, or simplifying your web hosting. It simplifies hosting static websites, it’s the quickest way to publish your web project.

With Tiiny Host, you don’t need any knowledge of Web Hosting or even Git to get your site live. Just drag & drop a Zip or HTML file of your site and launch it to the world in seconds!

What does Tiiny.Host offer?

Simple drag & drop control panel – Simply drag & drop a zip file with your static files. Host your project in < 20 seconds.

Archive for offline web projects – Keep a repository of your offline sites.

Free Custom Domains & SSL – Link your own custom domains with SSL served over a CDN.

Permanent Hosting – Host sites for as long as you like.

Simple custom subdomain hosting – Say goodbye to random, awkward URLs. Pick your own custom, memorable subdomain. Easily share your project through a personalized URL.

Password Protection – Control site access with passwords. Share your project behind closed doors. Password protect your projects with a simple toggle. Get feedback from only those you choose.

Ad-Free – Remove Tiinyhost’s. banner from uploaded sites.

Easily Manage Live Sites – Manage all your sites through one, easy-to-use dashboard.

Upload your web project in seconds – Just upload a zip file with your static files.

All you have to do is –

  1. Enter a subdomain
  2. Upload an HTML or Zip file
  3. Launch & share your link

Get lifetime access to Tiiny.Host now!

Lifetime Access to Tiiny.Host


✔️5 Live Sites
✔️7 Archived Sites
✔️Custom Domain
✔️Upload up to 50Mb Zips
✔️Password Protection
✔️Custom SSL + CDN
✔️Stackable up to 5 Codes, each code adds = +5 Live sites and +7 Archived sites
✔️All future updates to the Pro Plan
✔️60 Days Refund Policy

Save 94%

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