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Put Customer Engagement on Steroids with UserHoot

With UserHoot, you can easily make announcements or “hoots” about your business’s latest releases, shiny new features.


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userhoot lifetime deal

As a business owner, you need to keep your customers in the know of everything that’s cooking. You’ve got to keep ‘em in the loop as that’s the only way they’ll later turn into your brand’s real ambassadors.

But, how do you even keep your customers in the loop? How do you update them on the latest ongoings of your business? Most importantly, how do you promote special offers and upsells right from your site?

Hate to break it for ya, but broadcast email is not the answer.

Meet UserHoot, you can easily make announcements or “hoots” about your business’s latest releases, shiny new features that you’ve worked so hard to add to your products, and general updates about what’s new for your brand – all from one place.

Create a separate project for each site, and share relevant updates pertaining to that site. This way, you not only keep your existing users in the know but also engage new visitors on each of the sites.

Real-time Customer feedback and reactions

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could collect recommendations for new product features and feedback for your existing ones – all from your website?

Let customers share real-time feedback and reactions on the updates you make, and then, analyze them to respond accordingly. Increase the value your customers derive from every feature they use on your product.

Customize the design to resonate with your brand

Your UserHoot changelog is your product’s notification center, and of course, it needs to be in sync with the rest of your brand. With umpteen customization features, you can change the size, colors, typography, and even the location of the feed.

All it takes is a few button clicks to get the job done!

Get Lifetime access to UserHoot now!

Lifetime Access to UserHoot

UserHoot LTD (10 Projects)

✔️ 10 Project/Website Feeds
✔️ 1 Team Member
✔️ Unlimited feedback & reactions
✔️ Unlimited active users/visitors
✔️ Unlimited standard analytics
✔️ User Segmentation
✔️ Integrations
✔️ UserHoot branding
✔️ Ability to add your own affiliate link to branding
✔️ 60 day refund protection

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