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The simple analytics platform that lets you see how your visitors are really using your website with session recording and playback.


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There’s one MASSIVE problem when trying to apply advice that you get from others to your website: their site is completely different from yours.

You have a different target audience, unique products, and a one-of-a-kind offering.

Sure, there’s tried-and-true principles that heat map analysis can teach you, but a cookie cutter approach isn’t the answer because you don’t share the same problems.

Usermoves is a simple website analytics software that allows you to see how visitors are actually using your website with real-time visitor recording and playback features.

Usermoves gives you all the important stuff, like real-time user stats, heatmaps and visitor details so you can save valuable time and make informed decisions. You’ll know exactly how to transform the look and feel of your website to provide your visitors with a better user experience and convert them into customers.

Heat map tracking allows you to visualize data that Google Analytics can’t give you – you’ll see exactly how to transform the design, flow and layout of your website to make visitors (and your bottom line) convert.

Within a week you’ll get super actionable information that you can use to generate more leads and sales from your site.

Heat maps will show you:

  1. What to emphasize
  2. What to repurpose (on other marketing channels)
  3. What to remove 
  4. Which images to reuse for ads, sales pages, and emails

We can see from the heat map on our homepage that the majority of users hover around the 10% discount email subscription call-to-action.

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Lifetime Access to Usermoves

Solopreneur Plan

✔️ 30,000 Pageviews*
✔️ 30,000 Events*
✔️ Unlimited Team Members
✔️ 10,000 Session Replays*
✔️ 60 Day Data Retention
✔️ 5 Websites

Professional Plan

✔️ 60,000 Pageviews*
✔️ 60,000 Events*
✔️ Unlimited Team Members
✔️ 25,000 Session Replays*
✔️ 90 Day Data Retention
✔️ 10 Websites

Agency Plan

✔️ 90,000 Pageviews*
✔️ 90,000 Events*
✔️ Unlimited Team Members
✔️ 50,000 Session Replays*
✔️ 120 Day Data Retention
✔️ 15 Websites

Save 96%

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Usermoves Lifetime Deal Grabltd
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