VadooTV Lifetime Deal

Peer-Assisted Video CDN Solution

P2P CDN Solution Using WebRTC to Reduce Video Streaming Bandwidth Cost and Improve Latency For Live Streaming and VOD Platforms!


Value $708.00/year
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Video streaming consumption is increasing with each passing day. Needless to say, today, video content’s consumption has also increased the CDN costs, buffering, bandwidth costs massively and this will only keep on increasing disrupting the complete user experience and your bills.

VadooTV by Peervadoo Reduce CDN Costs and Rebuffering In Video Streaming Using Hybrid P2P Streaming and Multi-CDN With A Plug And Play Solution!

What does it offer?

P2P CDN for Video streaming – 1000s of Video developers uses VadooTV’s scalable P2P video solution powered by WebRTC to deliver high-quality video stream at a low bandwidth cost.

WebRTC First – VadooTV’s plug and play SDK allows video developers to build scalable live and VOD apps & websites.

  • Infinitely Scalable
  • Robust architecture
  • Quick Setup

Not just this, VadooTV also helps you –

  • Reduce CDN cost – Reduce CDN by up to 50% in VOD & up to 90% in live streaming
  • Hyper-compatible across video players and supports formats like HLS & Dash
  • Deliver High-Resolution Videos – Deliver videos at a high bit-rate by the decongesting network
  • No Geo Constraints – Deliver videos to areas with poor coverage.
  • Secure – End to End encryption of packets.
  • Hassle-free Integration – Connect with your video platforms in less than 30 mins
  • Industry-leading analytics – Deep insights on Bandwidth consumption & QoS

To top, it also provides you –

  • Support live and VOD streams over HLS protocol (m3u8)
  • Support encrypted HLS stream
  • Support cache to avoid repeating the download of TS file
  • Very easy to integrate with existing Javascript players
  • Less than 1 MB SDK size
  • Efficient scheduling policies to enhance the performance of P2P streaming

Who can use Vadoo TV?

Designed for Developers – VadooTV as a product has prebuilt integrations for all use-cases of video developers

For OTTs & Live TV – Built scalable video apps & significantly low bandwidth cost.

For Edtech – Penetration in remote areas with significantly low bandwidth spent.

For Social Networks – Build scalable social video experiences for a wide range of distributed users.

For Marketplaces – Build Shoppable video experiences for users with variable bandwidth.

Get lifetime access to VadooTV now!

Lifetime Access to VadooTV by PeerVadoo


✔️30TB for P2P CDN bandwidth per month
✔️Supports Live and VOD streams
✔️Support encrypted streams
✔️99.9% uptime SLA
✔️Javascript & Android Integration
✔️Usage & Monitoring Dashboard
✔️All Features included
✔️Stackable up to 5 Codes
✔️60 Days Refund Policy


✔️100TB for P2P CDN bandwidth per month
✔️Includes all the $59 Plan Features
✔️Stackable up to 5 Codes
✔️60 Days Refund Policy


✔️200TB for P2P CDN bandwidth per month
✔️Includes all the $59 Plan Features
✔️Stackable up to 5 Codes
✔️60 Days Refund Policy

Save 94%

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