Vidthere Lifetime Deal

100% Browser Based Live Video Platform Webinars & Video Meetings

Run LIVE Meetings, LIVE Webinars, AUTO Webinars, all with recording. Zero technical skills needed.


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Vidthere Lifetime Deal

Shouldn’t there be a communication and collaboration software that’s both powerful and economical? The answer is yes – and thousands of people are using Vidthere every day!

Vidthere is a 100% web-based platform that combines the functionality of live webinars, hybrid webinars, video conferencing and auto webinars all into one easy-to-use platform.

You won’t need to install any storage-consuming programs. Your attendees just need to click on a link and they’re in the event! Knowing that we live in a huge world, Vidthere supports both live meetings and webinars, as well as auto-recorded webinars so you can join at the time that suits you. 

Used by thousands of people every day, Vidthere combines the functionality of live webinars, hybrid webinars, and video conferencing into a single, easy-to-use platform. It’s both powerful and economical, allowing you to bypass installing storage-consuming programs and maintaining flexibility so attendees can just click on a link to join the event. All webinars have almost zero lag and the highest quality video.

Vidthere supports both real-time and automatically recorded webinars and meetings. Each event is automatically recorded for ease of reference and each offers a chat tool that simplifies participant engagement. It even supports multiple presenters for larger webinars and offers screen share, camera, video in the video, and whiteboard modes so everyone has the necessary tools to show compelling, clear presentations.

All webinars delivered has almost zero lag and are of high quality.

  • 100% browser-based; join a meeting by simply clicking on a link
  • Supports both real-time & auto recorded webinars and meetings
  • All events are recorded for future use & ease of reference
  • Has powerful chat that makes it easy for users to engage
  • Supports multiple presenters giving you all the space you need to deliver large meetings & webinars
  • Has screen share, camera, ‘video in video’ & whiteboard modes, ensuring you have all the tools you need to deliver killer presentations
  • Zero latency videos w/ high quality stream
  • No time limits on events
  • Native integrations with autoresponders
  • Dedicated support
  • Dedicated account managers

Invest in the tools you need to thrive while working with a remote team.

Get lifetime access to Vidthere now!

Lifetime Access to Vidthere

Lite Plan:


✔️ Video meetings
✔️ Max 15 participants
✔️ Recordings
✔️ Sharing
✔️ Camera
✔️ Screenshare
✔️ Voice to text
✔️ Powerful chat

Live Webinars

✔️ Unlimited participants
✔️ Browser-based
✔️ Full recording
✔️ Sharing
✔️ Camera
✔️ Screenshare
✔️ Voice to text
✔️ Powerful chat
✔️ Full statistics
✔️ Call-to-action buttons
✔️ Video-in-video
✔️ Facebook live

Pro Plan:


✔️ Max 25 participants

Live Webinars

✔️ Same as above

Auto Webinars

✔️ Unlimited participants
✔️ Browser-based
✔️ Simulated chat
✔️ Vimeo, YouTube
✔️ Voice-to-text for SEO
✔️ ‘Start Now’ option
✔️ Embeddable widget
✔️ Call-to-action buttons

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Vidthere Lifetime Deal

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