Woolementor Lifetime Deal

Connecting Elementor with WooCommerce

It allows you to connect the popular Elementor plugin to the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, WooCommerce, in order to make your life easier and your store look more professional.


Value 149.00/year
Woolementor | Connecting Elementor with WooCommerce 1

It allows you to connect the popular Elementor plugin to the most popular eCommerce platform on the web, WooCommerce, in order to make your life easier and your store look more professional.

You can customize EVERY part of your store using Woolementor; no matter if it’s your shop page, a single product or even the checkout page.

🎉 Shop Designs
🎉 Product Filters
🎉 Checkout Customization
🎉 Cart Customization
🎉 Header, Footer and Shop templates
🎉 Cross Domain Copy-Paste
🎉 Product Filters
🎉 Product Components
🎉 Pricing Tables
🎉 Related Products
🎉 Image Gallery
🎉 Wishlist
🎉 Tabs
🎉 Dynamic Tabs
🎉 Customer Reviews
🎉 Sales Notification
🎉 My Account
🎉 And many more..

Everything You Need To Build Your WooCommerce Store

Smart Checkout Page

Ever thought of adding more relevant fields to the checkout page of WooCommerce? Now you can do it simply by using Woolementor! You will be able to create and add necessary fields to your checkout page without any coding.

Perfect Cart Page

Bored with the same old cart page of WooCommerce? You won’t be bored for long because Woolementor will also let you customize every single bit of your cart page. You can decide whether you want to to display all cart products in a row or side to side.

Header, Footer, Shop & More

Woolemento made it possible to create Elementor templates like Header, Footer, Single Product & Shop pages. You can decide where to show your templates based on product categories, product ID etc.

Stunning Shop Designs

Woolementor comes with 8 stunning and eye-catching shop designs that will blow your mind. And they are highly customizable. You need a grid view for the shop? Or a slider or products table? We’ve got you covered.

Single Product Components

Want to create user friendly product pages? Then Woolementor is for you. Our plugin gives you the ability to change every portion of the product page. A nicely designed product page is the first step to impress your customers and Woolementor makes it easier for you.

Customizable Shop Filters

Woolementor makes it super easy to create fully functional and highly customizable product filters without any coding knowledge. Allow customers to filter products by taxonomies, prices, ratings or custom attributes as well as sort them.

Exclusive Review Showcase

It’s always important to highlight the best products in your shop and Woolementor helps you add eye-catching user reviews to optimize those products. These ratings will obviously boost your sales and generate more value for your business.

Beautiful Gallery Sections

Create a beautiful product gallery and make your website look more impressive with the help of Woolementor. You won’t feel any need for installing other plugins to showcase your product gallery while you have Woolementor with you.

User-Friendly Price Table

Create a clean and informative pricing table to help your users pick the most appropriate plan for them. You can select your own price table from the built-in price tables of Woolementor.

Confirm Happy Shopping

The key to a successful business is appreciation towards customers. With the help of our plugin, you can now make them feel special and thank them by creating attractive Thank You Page.

Keep Track Of Purchase

It’s Important to let your users keep track of their purchases. Woolementor helps you redesign your My Account page comfortably.

Personalized Wishlist

Personalize your wishlist with fully customizable table, style, currency symbol, item button and everything you need to make your it outstanding. Customers can add products to the cart right from this list.

Display Recent Sales

Sales Notification widget lets you display your recent sales. It’s a proven token of trust! Notifications can be pulled from your orders or added manually.

Get a lifetime deal to Woolementor now!

Lifetime Access to Woolementor

Personal Plan

✔️ 1 Site License
✔️ 9 Shop Widgets
✔️ 2 Shop Filters
✔️ Product Components
✔️ Checkout Page
✔️ 5 Pricing Tables
✔️ 7 Related Products Widgets
✔️ 3 Image Gallery Widgets
✔️ Cart Page
✔️ Custom Billing Fields
✔️ Custom Shipping Fields
✔️ My Account Page
✔️ Thank You Page
✔️ Wishlist
✔️ 2 Customer Review Widgets
✔️ 4 Tab Widgets
✔️ Premium Support

Professional Plan

✔️ 5 Sites License
✔️ All above features included

Agency Plan

✔️ Unlimited Sites License
✔️ All above features included

Save 94%

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