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Turn your bookmarks and screenshots into a Moodboard

Best screenshot extension to save your screenshots and links using Chrome and Microsoft edge extensions or manually without an extension, on your Phone or Computer.


Value $360.00
Yizy | Best Bookmarks & Screenshots Chrome Extension 1

When was the last time you clicked the Bookmarks menu on your browser? ~ Bet it was decades ago when Billie Jean was in the charts.

Although you can have folders to keep them organized, it’s still not as effective as it used to be in the 90’s (good ol’ days, eh?!)

You don’t have all the time in the world to consume & organize tons of content you browse everyday, either.

Yizy helps you save the screenshots & links of your favorite pages, and comment on websites & web designs in one go.

You can get started by installing their Chrome / Edge Extension.

And start surfing the web, like you normally do. When you stumble upon an interesting website click the Yizy extension & take a screenshot of the page you’re at.

Yizy will then grab the CSS code, colour palette, page title etc. from the screenshot.

Yizy | Best Bookmarks & Screenshots Chrome Extension 2

All your screenshots & bookmarks are automatically stored in your Yizy account.

You can add the Title for each of the screenshot, Add tags to group them & for easy reference.

Yizy also notes down the date & time you’ve stored the screenshots in your account, so you would easily know the ones that are outdated & no longer useful to you (adios!)

And, you can also annotate any web page with Yizy’s browser extension & share your feedback with your clients, your designers & developers.

(Really?! That’s easy, peasy)

You no longer need to send emails back & forth, trying to explain the same thing again and again.

Yizy is built to save you at least 5-10 hours of your time every week & avoid bookmark cluttering once and for all.

And today you can score the deal for just $19/lifetime.

Spend your time researching the web, more effectively with Yizy!

Get a lifetime deal to Yizy now!

Lifetime Access to Yizy

✔️ Unlimited Links
✔️ Unlimited Screenshots
✔️ Unlimited Collections
✔️ Multiple Devices & Browsers
✔️ Reviews & Comments
✔️ CSS & Colour Palette Auto detection
✔️ Team Collaboration (coming soon)
✔️ Future updates & integrations are included
✔️ 60 days refund policy

Save 94%

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