Kirim Email Lifetime Deal

World-Class Email Marketing Tool

KIRIM EMAIL lets any business start generating leads directly from Facebook Ad Campaigns and follow them up with email.


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Kirim Email Lifetime Deal

Sometimes, people subscribe more than once in your email list and create duplicate email addresses. Duplicate emails are one of the reasons your email marketing bills blew up.

KIRIM.EMAIL solves duplicates and other problems for you. It’s a web-based, very easy to use email marketing platform that can boost your customer engagement while cutting your marketing cost. 

With built-in, world-class email validation technology, you don’t need need to pay separately for email marketing and email validation. You will get a more responsive list and excellent email deliverability without all the spam traps, bots, and other lousy emails inside your list.

Trusted by 18,000+ businesses

  • Built-In Email validation: Single pricing & single dashboard for email marketing and validation
  • Zombie Email: Automatically removes spam traps, bots, & zombie emails that infected your business
  • Google Sheets: Collect surveys w/ Google Forms & Google Sheets, and sync it directly to your list without third party add-on
  • Landing Page Builder: Use it with your website, embed it on your landing page or blog post, or built your landing page directly from inside the dashboard
  • Viral Form/Campaign: Multiply your customers quickly & easily
  • No Coding, No Hassle: Use it directly w/ your favorite tools including Telegram, WordPress, Facebook, & more

From solopreneurs to multinational companies, KIRIM.EMAIL will help you maintain your precious customers while still maintaining affordability for your business.

Get lifetime access to Kirim Email now!

Lifetime Access to Kirim Email

✔️ Up to 5,000 email subscribers
✔️ Up to 5,000 email validations
✔️ Built-in Email Validation
✔️ Zombie Email Removal
✔️ Google Sheets Integration
✔️ Landing Page Builder
✔️ Viral Form & Viral Campaign
✔️ Full features
✔️ Updates included

Save 94%

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Kirim Email Lifetime Deal
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