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Live Call and Web Call From Your Website!

LiveCaller Is A Cloud-Based Customer Communication Software That Allows You To Directly Communicate With Your Web Visitors Via Live Chat, Web Call, and Co-browsing From Anywhere!


Value $480.00/year
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Customer service is an essential part of your business model. While you are taking care of them via support emaills, you miss out the conversions that also happen via Call Support.

Now, when you get a service which allows you to do both, it will not only help you increase the engagements and sales converionsbut will also help you increase the inbound call volume thus taking your customer support on another level. And to do this, you don’t need multiple software integrations into your business but just one!

LiveCallerAn all-in-one solution that combines different communication channels (Chat, Call, Co-Browsing, Social Messaging Apps) into one platform.

Deliver amazing customer service experience with LiveCaller!

What are the different Features and Modules of LiveCaller?

1. Web-Call – LiveCaller allows your customers to call you directly.

Changing The Way You CommunicateWith Your Web Visitors – LiveCaller allows you to communicate directly with your web visitors by means of a web call. Forget online chats, the future is voice call and the future is now.

Quick & Easy Way For Your Customers To Get In Touch With You – It’s no secret that one of the negatives of an online customer base is that when there are questions in relation to a product, customers often cannot receive an immediate answer. LiveCaller’s innovative software allows web users to call you directly, wherever they may be in the world. Better still, they can choose the specific department they want to call and have immediate, direct access to you over web call.

See How Livecaller Can Help Boost Your Sales – Direct web calls with your web visitors can drastically help boost your sales. Why? Simple. Any queries or questions your customer may have can be answered by you in a matter of seconds via LiveCaller’s web call service, meaning your customers will be more likely to go ahead and purchase your product or services. This offers them the peace of mind they need to be sure that your product is right for them.

Manage User Profiles – LiveCaller offers you the chance to be able to save all of your users contact information, if they content for you to do this. Names, emails and contact numbers can be stored on LiveCaller’s system so when or if they contact you again, you already have their contact details on file, saving you precious time and ensuring the smooth running of your service.

2. Live Chat -Chat in real time with your web users.

Whatever Cannot Be Said Verbally, Type It Through Chat – There are some situations where voice calling may not be appropriate. It’s with this in mind that LiveCaller’s has created its online chat feature, all connected into the same software. Send documents, information or anything else you may need to communicate with your web visitors, all in one place.

Let LiveCaller’s Chat Aid You and Your Web Users Experience Of Your Service – Some web users may prefer to chat my means of writing as opposed to a call. LiveCaller’s chat feature enables you to speak in real-time with your clients, as well as send and receive any and all relevant information. LiveCaller’s system gives you and your web visitors the choice of ways in which to communicate, all made accessible on its centralised, user-friendly system.

Store Chat History – You’ll be able to freely store and monitor all of your chat information on LiveCaller’s system. Analyse trends, oversee agent productivity and ascertain what is working and what is not with this feature. LiveCaller puts you in control, and lets you recognize ways in which you can improve your communication with your web users.

3. CoBrowse Any Site with LiveCaller – LiveCaller gives you everything you need to contact your web visitor, help them to make proper decisions. Understand your visitors needs and guide them.

LiveCaller’s co-browsing service means you can logon to any site with Live Caller installed to assist your customer

  • No Need For Customer To Explain Their Issue, Let Them Simply Show You
  • Problem Solving 4 Times Quicker
  • Eliminate Next Issues
  • Maximize Online Presence & Conversion
  • Go Above & Beyond Customer Expectations

Get lifetime access to LiveCaller now!

Lifetime Access to LiveCaller

Plan A

✔️1 Agent
✔️5 Departments
✔️5 GB – 5000 Minutes Call Recording
✔️Web Call
✔️Web Chat
✔️Online Training
✔️Support on All Browsers
✔️60-Days Refund Policy

Plan B

✔️3 Agents
✔️10 Departments
✔️10 GB – 10,000 Minutes Call Recording
✔️All The $59 Plan A Features
✔️60-Days Refund Policy

Plan C

✔️10 Agents
✔️20 Departments
✔️20 GB – 20,000 Minutes Call Recording
✔️All The $59 Plan A Features
✔️60-Days Refund Policy

Save 94%

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