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Swipe, Save, and Organize To Save Everything in One App!

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Save Everything In One Place: Facebook ads, full page screenshots, Instagram, YouTube, Kindle highlights and more.

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Do you have 1000s of web pages, screenshots, files, etc. saved as bookmarks with sub-folders followed by sub-sub folders within it? How long does it take you to find that one saved folder that was saved 2 years ago? 1 minute, 10 minutes or more than an 1 hour?

In our case, it doesn’t take less than an hour! Well, as a marketing and tech platform, our laptops and browsers are filled with bookmarks, screenshots, videos clips, ad copies, web pages and 100s of other items but then to browse through it just to find that one bookmark that we urgently wanted to use at that moment is another level of a nightmare!

What usually do you do in such cases? But, if we tell you that with the help of this tool, you can:

  • Organize all your content in one place. 
  • Save and Organize with everything with special Tags and Buckets to easily find inspiration list
  • Let us add – You can also save Kindle Highlights and notes!
  • Get daily email reminders of your saved items and also for the ones that were saved years ago but long-forgotten!
  • Save a lot on monthly subscription you spend on the space and the multiple-saving applications

Would you believe it? Well, you have to!

Swipebucket – Swipe, Save, and Organize everything in one place from Facebook ads, full page screenshots, Instagram, YouTube, Kindle highlights and more.

Here’s what can you save using Swipebucket

Highlight Text and Save – Highlight any important text and save with one click.

Kindle Highlights – Save all Kindle highlights from your favorite books and share them with anyone.

Full-Page Screenshots – Save a full page screenshot with just one click.

Regional Screenshots – Select any area on a website, click & save

Unlimited Buckets – Create and customize unlimited buckets, name them, organize them and easily find them later.

Star and Tag Items – Organize your content or Kindle highlights further, by adding one or multiple tags or a star to easily find them later

Chrome Extension – Chrome extension pop up for fast & easy access to all important features and saved items with just ONE click.

Social Media Posts & Ads – Save Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter content, videos & ad.

Never Forget Your Favorite Items – Stay inspired by a daily personalized newsletter of random notes and Kindle highlights, even the ones from long ago 

Share Notes and Kindle Highlights – Share notes and Kindle highlights via e-mail, social media posts or with other Swipebucket accounts 

Mobile apps for iOS & Android – Save new content or access any saved items on any device, anytime

Let’s dig more into the tool and its extension…

Capture and Save Screenshots – You can capture and save a full or partial part of any web page. Save a logo, banner, ad, or any part of a web page with ease and save it for future reference.

Import and Save your Kindle Highlights – With a click of a button you can now import all your Kindle highlights. Kindle highlights are easily organized by book titles. You can share your highlights with others. Your Kindle highlights will be included in your daily reminder e-mail.

Highlight and Save Text from any website or Article – If you spend a lot of time reading material off the internet then this feature will simplify, personalize and organize any text you highlight. You can highlight text from any web page and swipe it to your bucket for easy access later.

Save a URL – Keep all your favorite URLs organized in Swipebucket in one place. It is far more convenient than a browser favorite list. You can access your favorite URLs from any device.

Add Tags & Save – You can tag any web content you save, even Kindle highlights. Tags will help you search similar content saved in your account or will help you find any specific items These tags can be added from the extension or your web app.

Get lifetime access to SwipeBucket now!

Plans & Pricing

Save $60.88 (50.8%)
  • 1 User
  • 5 GB Cloud Space and +5 GB additional as an Early Bird Buyer
  • Unlimited Notes and Social Saves
  • Unlimited Buckets and Tags
  • Unlimited Import and Save for Kindle Highlights
  • Unlimited Highlights/Text Saves
  • Unlimited Swipes and Screenshots
  • Unlimited Saved URLs
  • Save Full Page and Regional Screenshots
  • Sync Unlimited Devices
  • Chrome Extension
  • Get Mobile Apps for iOS & Android
  • Unlimited Stacking -> For every additonal code, get +1 User and 5+5 GB Cloud Space
  • Future Updates to the SwipeBucket Starter Plan
  • 60 Days Refund Policy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will be the content saved?

All Content is saved in the SwipeBucket cloud, accessed via the Swipebucket interface. All content goes to the default folder or any folder you make and choose. You can make unlimited folders.

How do I capture Photos, Videos and Posts from Social Media, Web Pages and Kindle Highlights?

A Swipebucket icon will appear on any web pages and all your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube) Simply click on the icon and a window to save, add tag or share will appear. Click on the action you choose and save by clicking the “save” button.

Can I add a Tag for a later search?

Of course! Tag any items you’d like to save and organize while you are swiping them. You can later find them by searching for them by using key words.

How do I Import Kindle Highlights?

Open the SwipeBucket Chrome extension and select “Import Kindle highlights” or go the Swipebucket website and select the Kindle tab on the top left side. Click on “Import Kindle highlights” and THAT’S IT! You can now see all your Kindle highlights organized by book titles. You can add multiple tags for a faster search or further organization.

What is highlight and text save?

You can save any text from any website, social media platform, Kindle or WhatsApp.

  • Click “Highlight text” from the Swipebucket extension menu
  • Highlight text you want to save
  • Click the SwipeBucket icon next to highlighted text
  • Select from save, tag, share from a pop up “menu” window
  • By clicking “Swipe it!”, it will be saved
How and where can I see my content?

Content saved in Swipebucket is saved in the Swipebucket cloud. You can access it two ways:

  • Click “View Post” after swiping it in the Swipebucket. This will open content from the folder where you saved it.
  • Open Swipebucket in your browser and select the folder from the left pane. Click on the content to open it.
What is the difference between a card and a bucket?

Cards are individual posts or any content you swipe from the web. A collection of cards is saved in a bucket. Buckets are folders where you can find a collection of your cards (individual swipes) where you keep them and organize them. All buckets are saved in Swipebucket cloud.

Why does the Facebook Videos from Ads are not getting saved?

Unfortunately Facebook doesn’t provide an access to that but you can save the ad copies from that video ad along with the images perfectly fine! But the Swipebucket team is working to resolve this.