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Building Engaged Team With Real-Time Games

With Trivia’s Suite Of Games, You Can Bring Social & Fun Back To Your Workspace Right Inside Your Slack and Microsoft Teams Workspaces.


Value $588.00/year
Trivia | Building Engaged Team With Real-Time Games 2

The reason behind a successful company is the team of hardworking, efficient, and HAPPY team members. Today, when almost all the companies worldwide have moved towards remote working – team building and engagement activities play an essential part to make sure that your teams are happily working behind their computer screens.

And, what’s better than building up the team morale and camaraderie by involving fun activities with introducing real-time games and quizzes on your team channel?

Trivia With Trivia’s suite of games, you can bring Social & Fun back to your workspace right inside Slack and Microsoft Teams workspaces.

82K+ people in 2000+ Slack and MS Teams workspaces around the globe are already enjoying Trivia!

What can you play with Trivia?

The new face of team engagements. A suite of fun-filled games. Purpose-built for stronger, happier, and healthier teams.

Instant Quizzes – 28,000+ questions across 30+ categories in an MCQ quiz format.

With 28K+ fun and quick to launch quizzes, introduce a nice 5-minute break to your busy workday and engage with your teams, better. Choose from a myriad of categories to get started instantly.

(Un)popular Opinions – Vote for tons of opinions with your teammates and stir up some controversy.

Conduct simple, native polls, and know your team’s opinion in minutes, not through meetings.

Game of Gotcha – An MCQ quiz format with twists, turns, and baits where it not only pays to know the right answer but fooling others with your wrong answer can fetch you points too.

Score points for every right answer and every time you trick your teammates into choosing your suggested answer.

Word Puzzle – Solve thousands of Word Puzzles by rearranging letters to form words.

Show off your English vocabulary to your teams. Test your English mastery and know how good you are at forming words from random letters.

Custom Quizzes – Quizzes that have personalized questions, answers, and categories of your choice.

Craft customized questions and answers, launch them with Trivia. Nurture happy teams – right where your conversations happen.

This or That – A game where players choose between 2 options. If their choices are NOT in the majority, they’re out of the game.

There is no right or wrong answer. It’s all about choosing the popular answer. Know your teammate’s preferences better and bond with them faster.

Get lifetime access to Trivia now!

Lifetime Access to Trivia


✔️ 30 Total users
✔️ Unlimited Trivia Quizzes
✔️ Unlimited Games of Gotcha!
✔️ Unlimited (Un)Popular Opinions
✔️ Unlimited Word Puzzles
✔️ Workspace Leaderboard
✔️ Schedule Quizzes
✔️ Non-stackable
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy


✔️ 75 Total users
✔️ All the $49 Plan A Features
✔️ Non-stackable
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy


✔️ 150 Total users
✔️ All the $49 Plan A Features
✔️ Create Custom Quizzes
✔️ Non-stackable
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy


✔️ 500 Total users
✔️ All the $49 Plan A Features
✔️ Create Custom Quizzes
✔️ Non-stackable
✔️ 60-days Refund Policy

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