Userbot Lifetime Deal

Automate Conversations With Your Customers With An AI-Powered Chatbot!

Userbot is an AI-based chatbot builder made by humans for humans. Increase customer satisfaction, generate more leads, cut your costs instantly, and get more insights about what your customers truly want just one click - all this, thanks to your smart chatbot!


Value $335.00/year
Userbot Lifetime Deal

High-end Customer Service is what the companies thrive for but to manually provide the customer support 24×7 at the same pace can be difficult when put in action.

Inserting AI-Powered Chatbot!

Now, have powerful and personalized conversations with your customers with AI-botomation!

Userbot Automate conversations with your customers with an AI-Powered Chatbot!

Userbot is an AI-based chatbot builder made by humans for humans. Increase customer satisfaction, generate more leads, cut your costs instantly, and get more insights about what your customers truly want just one click – all this, thanks to your smart chatbot!

Userbot helps you to reply to all messages quickly, easily, and in a personalized manner. It automates frequent answers and learns from answers given by human operators.

What is Userbot all about?

Userbot Essential – It replies to customers as if it were you by helping your customers quickly, with real and intelligent responses, will change your day.

Artificial Intelligence – Userbot learns from your customers’ questions and grows with you. Userbot will only forward new and unrecognized questions to the operator and learns from the operator’s answers. Learning today to improve tomorrow!

AI Training – Increases automation and improves efficiency. Provide more and more responses by training the artificial intelligence to manage any question.

Clear Responses – Chats become simple intelligent conversations, with clear and precise responses.

24/7 Service – You’re never ‘out of office’ for anyone. You’re there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live Chat – Support your customers 24/7 and eliminate waiting times thanks to automated conversations. Use the Userbot webchat and customize it for integration on your website.

Satisfied Customers – Thanks to Userbot, there will be significantly more smiling faces among your customers. Make sure your customers get the right answer at the right time.

Responds to Everything and Replies to Everyone – With Userbot, all the questions receive immediate replies: your customers are supported around the clock, saving you time and resources.

Mobile-Friendly – Works on both, desktop and as well as mobile browsers.

By Improving the Responses, You Win New Customers – Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by Userbot, you can start a new conversation at the right time, with the right message. This is a new opportunity for you to win new customers and increase the number of potential customers for your products or services.

Customer Service – Designed to guarantee rapid Customer Service 24/7, it ensures you save time and resources from day one.

Help Desk – Used to simplify internal communication among company employees, it guarantees immediate and efficient support.

Lead Generation – You will have numerous opportunities every day to win new profiled customers by offering your services and products at the right time.

Integrations and APIs – Userbot rocks anywhere. Connect all the applications you love. Web, Mobile, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and many more: several integration opportunities!

Marketing Automation – Guide your customers with a funnel of conversations. Increase the conversion rate and achieve your targets.

Create Customized Conversation Flows – Don’t stop with just greeting your customers, but offer the support they need automatically. Design the conversations for a customer who interacts with your bot and create a truly engaging chat experience.

Single Management Panel – You will have access to a single intuitive management panel from which you can monitor user activity, forward questions to operators, and control all conversation flows

Results Monitoring – Keep an eye on your AI and assess the performance of your conversations and improve your full customer experience.

Conversation Management – All the requests in a single platform. Communicate in real-time with all your customers and offer them the help they need quickly and efficiently.

Bot + AI – Build your bot visually based on Artificial Intelligence, without writing any code.

Welcome Message – Userbot allows to display an automatic welcome message to engage users.

Human Handoff – You can decide how and when to hand off the bot to a human, thanks to advanced rules.

Time Management – You can choose your team’s office hours and automate the out-of-hours messages.

Teamwork – Add your team to Userbot to manage the conversations in combo with the AI.

Get lifetime access to Userbot now!

Lifetime Access to Userbot

Basic Plan

✔️ 1 Agent
✔️ Unlimited Chats (fair usage agreement of 2,000 chats per hour)
✔️ Unlimited Chat History
✔️ Bot Flows (Without ML/DL/NLP)
✔️ Slack Integration
✔️ Facebook Integration
✔️ Chat Rating
✔️ Email Support
✔️ Customized Web Chat Widget
✔️ Timetable Schedule
✔️ Advanced Analytics
✔️ Unlimited Stackable Plan. Each Stacking Plan Adds +1 Agent to the User’s Account
✔️ 60 Days Refund Policy

Agency Plan

✔️ Agency Account with 10 Sub-Accounts to resell to clients
✔️ Each Sub Account will have the following features – 1 Agent (10 agents total per agency plan, can be distributed any way)
✔️ Unlimited Stackable Plan. Each Stacking Plan Adds +10 Sub-Accounts to the User’s Agency Account
✔️ All above feature included

Save 94%

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Userbot Lifetime Deal

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