50+ Free Places To Promote Your SaaS Startup in 2021

You just launched a new SaaS website. Amazing! But this also means that the work has just begun.

Now you need to promote it.

Fortunately, many options for free promotion exist right at your fingertips. These types of services can give you an edge as long as you put in the proper effort across different platforms.

We’ve put together a list of 50+ sites where you can promote your website at no cost. While these options are free, they require time and effort from you. You may get more for your efforts by focusing on the most relevant sites for your business, rather than all.

It requires a great deal of time to promote properly, so you want to pick the sites that your customers are likely to use. Take the time to think about how best to engage your potential market.

Here I have a list of 50+ best places to promote your startup for free that have a domain authority (DA) of 50+.

Now, DA’s change over time and google looks for relevant sources, hence don’t just do every single post for the sake of it.

List of platforms:

FREE places to promote your startup:

Be smart when you post your startup. Don’t just spam. Especially be smart with Hacker News & Reddit, but if you are already quite engaged or can think of a clever way for posting, then it can be quite fruitful.

If you want to check the up to date domain authority of the sites below, click the link below and submit the link of the site to check.


I hope that this piece of content was useful for you.

Share your experience on promoting on these platforms. If you know other platforms to add to this list, let me know in comments.

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